Would you like to record audio or video from a distance? Try using an over IP WiFi module!

Would you like to record audio or video from a distance? Try using an over IP WiFi module!

As many of you already know a professional A/V kit equipped with an IP micro camera is able to recordĀ  video from a distance, vehicles or people from any distance, and simply work by using the Internet. Not only. It can also manage all functions remotely and be easily hidden everywhere.

Just only these own features would be enough to guarantee you a certain degree of reliability and security in audio and video surveillance, as well as to further you to purchase this device instead of other more cumbersome or complicated equipments doing the same job.

Moreover, thanks to the newest remote video surveillance miniaturized devices, it is also possible to combine the practical aspects of a micro recorder with the advantages of an A/V over IP monitoring system, ensuring more effectiveness in remote audio-video investigations. In fact, the IP-WEB transmission/registration module allows you to do all this avoiding you to use any other additional devices or peripherals.

The over IP WiFi transmission/recording system we are referring to, is a small sized device totally manageable from any distance. It also provides a motion detection function for starting A/V recordings on target movements. Moreover, it is possible to monitor the micro-camera both from a PC and from a mobile phone, thanks to a user-friendly app. If you add to this the fact that the module is also able to work 24 hours on 24 in full autonomy when powered by the mains, without any user intervention, you will realize you have in your hands a really complete spy device as well as an effective equipment to start secret investigations when needed!

Main features of IP Web WiFi module to record video from a distance:

  • Very small camera, easy to conceal
  • Advanced H.264 video compression tech
  • Possibility of recording by means of motion detection, manual or scheduled
  • Easy to set up the wireless network, video, alarms and stored files on micro SD card (up to 32GB)
  • Totally manageable also from your smartphone
  • Knowles microphone
  • Direct point-to-point connection (P2P)
  • High powered wireless connection
  • Supporting up to more simultaneous users
  • Possibility of viewing/recording/managing multiple cameras via pc

If you want to get more details, about how to video from a distance, take a look at this outstanding product.