HD-STREAM: an amazing portable device for live HD streaming via mobile

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Let us tell you: if it didn’t exist, we’d have decisely to invent it! Here we are to talk about a great brand new handheld device, one of a kind, which allows you to shoot and transmit live video streaming via mobile network without needing to use additional peripherals or video capture cards. Not only. HD-STREAM also comes with the uncommon benefit to work without any memory cards for data storage, since it can upload video directly on an external server.

That’s the reason why the product has become in a short time such an essential tool for cameramen, TV technicians, police forces engaged in undercover operations, military, video reporter, civil protection operators or in general anyone who needs a real time high quality video transmission with very low latency. Not to mention that the server through which data is passed is absolutely free of charge. Anyway let’s see how the device is made up.

Although it is light and compact, HD-STREAM is equipped with everything needed to work as all-in-one system for professional high definition video broadcasting. On the other hand, the device holds a multichannel selector for simultaneous use of 2 to 8 SIM cards LTE / UMTS in parallel, useful both to increase upload bandwith and to ensure the transmission smoothness without any loss of quality or frame rate. It makes use as well of a special algorithm able to process and balance video streaming according to the uploading ability of the mobile operator in use. In any case the system works on 3G UMTS/4G LTE network both on battery and continuous power to be suited for quick interventions or long video monitoring sessions.

Another peculiarity of this smart video streaming equipment is that it can be easily managed remotely via the WiFi network, as well as to be led from touch screen, allowing the user to set video channels, bandwidth, camera controls, connection network and broadcasting parameters. Along with the device you will take advantage of a free training course in order to use the product in the best right way!

Why choose HD-STREAM for your live footage or real time video monitoring? There could be several reasons, as many as are its application fields. Anyway we have summarized just a few of those ones which seemed to us the most deserving of attention:

  1. Video can be stored both on internal supports and external server
  2. LCD touch screen
  3. WiFi network use
  4. Ability to use from 2 to 8 simultaneous LTE/UMTS SIM Cards
  5. HDMI video input/output
  6. Ports: SDI, Analog
  7. Long duration battery
  8. Small light device
  9. Very low LTE latency (3 sec.)
  10. No need cloud: video is directly sent to the user PC
  11. No need any further video or PC capture cards
  12. Ready to use & all in one system
  13. Can also be powered by 12V
  14. ZERO managing server costs
  15. Free training course

For futher information or purchase you can go here.

Spy listening bugs for cars: which device is best to use?

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Not everyone is able to install a listening device bug inside a car, since the work in question requires special skills that if not well taken into account can undermine your results. Not to mention that there are some smashing bugs which can operate more effectively than others in restricted or enclosed environments as well as in those ones on the move, just as a car may be. In any case it is always better to opt for miniaturized GSM bugs, working on mobile network, so as to make sure that you achieve immediate results not caring whether the bug signal is close enough to be detected.

One of the best GSM bugs suited to doing the work is surely the quadband GSM-001 bug, equipped with voice-activated sensor and a special anti sweep system, which uses a SIM card enablig investigators to listen from any distance. Anyway let’s look at benefits provided by this kind of transmitters trying to figure out how they can help you in investigation.

A very small technologically advanced spy bug

The GSM-001 bug can be easily concealed inside courtesy lights, dashboards or any other car recesses easily reachable by 12V power suply, thanks to its small size (39mm in width, 40mm in length and 9mm in height). The spy bug also has a powerful DSP processor, able to filter and reduce those background noises or rustling that may occur on a moving car. The DSP can be indifferently set on different parameters and levels as well.

Maximum audio quality, automatic microphone switch-on and anti-detection security

The investigator can also make use of special functions in order to achieve much greater effectiveness in operations, such as: the Dynamic Mic function that can automatically activate the microphone on three programmable audio levels, the MOX function suited for moving vehicle detection and finally the very useful anti-sweep system, able to protect the bug against scanner equipments. In this latter case, the GSM mode turns off looking “dead” from the outside for a certain period of time set by the operator. Anyway after that time it turns on automatically.

Further advantages of GSM-001 bug

The wonders of this amazing spy bug do not end here certainly. Here are some other benefits that can be achieved from the GSM-001 bug use:

  • Remotely programmable via SMS
  • Virtual lock that reduces accidental or non authorized reprogramming
  • Single listing functionality that eliminates non authorized user on listing the unit
  • Motion (start and stop) SMS alarm functionality
  • Fast reset to factory default settings
  • Remote stealth functionality that immediately switches off the unit for a specific time
  • Recall functionality on movement or VOX
  • “Infinity” function for a continue call listening, also without the presence of events (movement or VOX)
  • Remote diagnostic including unit IMEI, main cells and all other secondary cells with signal straight
  • DTMF tone emitted in case of SMS reception
  • “Ring Alarm” function towards base station with voice call and succeeding self-breakdown by module
  • Diagnostic LED remotely switchable OFF through SMS

By clicking on this link you can finally view all product technical specification.

Investigations: is it better to use a spy bug transmitter or a micro recorder?

marzo 14, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

According to our survey about audio surveillance systems, many investigators and security operators have showed more interest in voice recorders rather than bug transmitters. At first glance, it would seem that a bug, working on radiofrequency or GSM network, is less valuable than a recorder. Not to mention those surveillance operators who still stuck on the rosy notion that a bug transmitter must necessarily concern only few specific investigational needs. But is it really like that? Let’s see below what are the benefits of using both devices in your investigations.

The unquestionable application qualities of a bug

When we talk of bugs, the first question that comes to our mind is: how to put it on long time charge? You know, one of the most common problems raised by bug users are linked to power supply, especially if the device must be used for many days straight. In fact, it is not always possible to retrieve the transmitter for changing batteries. So in such cases it would be usually best to connect the bug to the mains directly, so that you will not have to worry anymore about duration time. What are the main advantages of an audio bug? Well, first of all the immediacy of results, I mean the ability to get audio information in real time, as well as miniaturization or unlimited use from any distance when it comes to GSM bug working on mobile network.

The incredible functional versatility of a micro recorder

Now let’s go to analyze the basic advantages of a micro recorder. The main use of a voice recorder to be used in investigative fields is as known the collection of evidence for the defence. Anyway this is not the only reason why it is such demanded: think for example of its ease of concealment, its ability to start voice activation recordings automatically or by calendar, to say nothing of its very low battery consumption. In fact, some micro recorders can be connected to batteries so to allow even up to 45 days of recordings!

Hence from our excursus comes out a rather variegated picture of the two devices, although the issue tips the balance in favour of the recording devices. So how to behave? Is it still worthwhile using a radio bug or a GSM bug? Of course yes! As those investigators who follow us probably know, bug transmitters are substantially different from micro-recorders in their scope. In that case there’s nothing to do but reiterate: if your goal is to immediately start investigating, or you are miles away from your target, well, a GSM bug is fit for purpose!

Finally, for those who are looking for a system owning both a bug and a recorder, we report this kit which provides both functions in a single unit.

Are you also a victim of micro-cheating? Let’s find out!


Do you believe you won’t never be affected by cheating? Do not blindly trust your emotional control efforts! Cause in the past you might have put in place some micro-cheating behavioural actions, without even knowing it.

The question raised on the net some months ago thanks to an interview released to Daily Mail on line journal by the australian psychologist Melanie Schilling, who put a spotlight on the word “micro-cheating”, although actually the term has been taken into consideration by Urban Dictionary since years. Anyway there under the voice “micro-cheating” we read: “Small acts considered disloyal within a relationship, nothing too serious but not innocent either”.

In short, according to the australian scientist, we should actually focus on ourselves to avoid micro-cheating actions caused by the spread of new technologies, especially social network e.g. chatting with other users, sharing online games, making advances on someone by posting explicit content etc. In short, she wanted to underline all those behaviors that somehow could lead to infidelity.

But let’s see how to get out of the phenomena by treating this new sort of psychological “disease” so as not to be overwhelmed by it. The word to consider in this case is always the same: honesty. Whether toward yourself, i.e. avoiding to engage in compromising behaviors whenever possible, either toward your partner, if you instead have made up your mind to make your intentions clear. And what about those victims who are gripped by doubt? Well, in this case you can also rely on private investigator services or use some surveillance devices that, even if ineffective in healing you from your psychological wound, are actually helpful to show you things from another perspective.


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spyphone A Spy Phone or GSM spy cellphone is a normal mobile phone on which has been installed a software able to reply many crucial information such as: listening of all incoming and outgoing calls from the mobile, real time phone surrounding sounds, reading of all type of messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber etc..) and GPS tracking. The spy software works on the most of Android, iOS, Blackberry smartphones.

digital video recorder Micro digital recorder able to gather evidence or discover any kind of betrayals. Recording capability of up to 1200 hours in continuous. Long duration for those recorders using voice activation system VAS. Just for you the best micro digital voice recorders on the market in terms of efficacy and reliability at a low price.
Wall microphones able to listen through walls thick even up to 70 cm. Ultra sensitive professional stereo microphone, suitable to pick up the lowest noises thanks to its very high sensitive ceramic microphone. Limpid and stable sound. Endowed with sockets for recorder and earpiece.
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Anti-drowning defender is an alarm device which combines anti-drowning and anti-loss alarm, and works effectively as an electronic safety device for protecting children or pets from drowning and loss.

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