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GPS track recorder for vehicles

The GPS track recorder allow you to track the location of a vehicle and also to verify, ex post, the route taken by the means. The device can be used for example by companies to monitor their corporate fleets or delivery vehicles, from law enforcement to monitor a particular means, or in the case of boat trips in places yet unknown, so to allow the return. The GPS track recorder, thanks to its small size and its long battery life is easily concealable in any means.

gps auto tracker recorder

GPS track recorder for the sport

track position sport

Sports in open environments can be very dangerous and the possibility of being lost and don't find your way back is often very high. GPS track recorder can be really useful: long hikes and adventure in the nature will no longer be a problem. Here's why: first of all, the recorder traces the path, ie indicates the route you are currently take running, by bike,... At the same time it's possible obtain the length of the route taken, date and time, altitude, and much more. Often extreme sports take place in areas uncovered by the normal cellular network; don't worry, the Tracker Logger is always active, even in the absence of the network, enabling you to record your route and therefore to be able to return in a place or illustrate the way to other people, by downloading the path directly on the PC.

GPS track recorder for people

Criminals, teenagers or unfaithful wives can be monitored through the GPS track recorder. View on your pc the paths that have carried out, where they have been, can help you to solve many issues. In addition, downloading paths and analyzing them on localization sites online, such as Google Maps, allows you to know which are the places that the people under control attend. The same tool can be used to register a difficult path to be able to do it again safely.

tracking people


gps tracker

The Tracker is a power GPS track recorder equipped with the most sophisticated technology, able to detect its position from anywhere on our planet. This special GPS Track Recorder, thanks to its simplicity of use and its ease of hidden installation, it's the most used by government agencies and intelligence staff.

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