Smell Rats? Get the Trap

Smell Rats? Get the Trap

Smell Rats? Just six months into marriage and Amit had a change of job. The corporate firm was offering a better package and he accepted the offer.

This move surprised his wife Neeta. Amit always weighed job satisfaction more than money. He was happy with his current job profile. So, why shift? But she left the matter to Amit as it involved his career.

Neeta was happy that Amit started returning from office in a fresh mood, smiling, whistling. Probably he was enjoying his new job. But as days passed, he started neglecting her presence. He hardly talked to her but used to engage in telephonic conversations. Their outings were reduced as he returned late.

Neeta smell rats and decided to get the ‘inside story’. She wanted to monitor Amit’s conversations as he attended calls from the phone placed in bedroom.

How Does This Nifty Wiretapping Device Work?

After searching internet, her mind was set on STR-TEL Wiretapping Devices. It was easily installed on the telephone line to be monitored. A very sensitive outer microphone of this device could discreetly pick any noise or conversation from her large bedroom. And its operation was quite easy. She had to dial the number of the telephone to be monitored, wait for first free signal, enter the numeric code and listen.

Then, what she could listen to? Amit’s new firm was expanding, and client were mostly the people from overseas. So, he had to talk to them as per their locale timings.

Neeta regretted her suspicion but thanked STR-TEL Wiretapping Devices.