Bugs power supply, for long lasting wiretaps

Bugs power supply, for long lasting wiretaps

Although the Berlusconi government in Italy, while stumbling from a sex scandal to the next, is trying to put a cap on wiretapping operations, by imposing a time limit, fortunately this investigative tool is still in use without too many restrictions that would only do a favor to criminals and crooks.

When a judge orders a wiretapping operation, either environmental or over the phone, what is known is when it will start, but not when it will end. This poses a problem too many times underestimated, when it comes to the duration of the interception, that is, the problem of how to ensure that bugs are correctly functioning.

Why to use a Bugs Power Supply?

Generally, eavesdropping devices are battery powered and communicate either by radio, or over the telephone network if the bug in use is a GSM bug with a SIM card just like the one of an ordinary mobile phone. Transmission via telephone is very demanding in terms of battery power.
Therefore, where possible it is recommended to use a bug has a bugs power supply, to be connected directly to the mains from the electricity network, from which with very limited power consumption it will be possible to provide juice for your bugs, continuously for months and months.

Thanks to its tiny size, concealing it is not a problem, as it can be hidden inside an electrical box or a switch. In this way, hidden microphones connected to the bugs power supply will ensure a continuous listening, perfect for long-term surveillance operations, during which it is important to ensure continuous coverage of the environment to control.

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