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KA-101: a full audio monitoring kit fitted with spy bug, receiver and micro recorder

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Economic dependence and cheating: a study reveals a possible correlation

A few years ago, on the site of ASA (American Sociological Association) was written up an article concerning a possible correlation between economic dependence on one’s partner and a large number of cheating cases. In the article, the US sociologist Christin L. Munsch, a researcher who spent a long time …

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Bluetooth micro earpieces, an invisible and vital presence

settembre 20, 2010 Technology No Commenti

When you need to gather confidential information and relay it to someone who is far away, without making the people around you aware, or when you need to receive instructions from outside in the same discreet fashion, you might certainly use a little help from technology.

In situations of different kinds, which may range from an important meeting to a police operation, from a show or concert, where the leading actor may forget a few lines from his part, to an intelligence gathering in a case of corporate espionage or struggle against crime, a valuable help can certainly come by using an invisible earpiece.

Invisible earphones are placed inside the ear canal of their wearer, and thanks to a microscopic antenna, they are able to communicate via Bluetooth with an equally small transceiver device, which can be concealed inside the pendant hanging from a necklace, or inside a wristwatch. This transceiver can also house a SIM card just like the ones we use on our mobile phones, in order to be able to send and receive its signal (and its intelligence) towards someone who might be hiding even on the other side of the world.

In this way, the wearer of the secret earpiece will be able to receive instructions on the steps to take, based on the information that it gathers invisibly and that are transmitted through the Bluetooth connection. By doing this, the remote counterpart will receive information in real time, and interact with the person carrying out the operation, sending him immediate instructions which will ensure the best possible outcome of the entire job.

For more information on how micro earpieces are working, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website and request personalized advice from our specialists.

Unattended luggage? Problem solved, SUBITO!

settembre 20, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Along the years, a long string of terrorist attacks in airports, railway stations or public buildings have been carried out with bombs placed inside an abandoned bag or suitcases, and nowadays, the presence of an unattended piece of luggage immediately puts surveillance personnel on the alert.

Now, a consortium of organizations from several EU countries is working on a project, called SUBITO (Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and Identification and Tracking of Owner), which consists in an array of intelligent surveillance cameras, capable of identifying an abandoned bag.

As soon as it locates one, the system would start searching among its footage, until it finds the exact moment when the owner of the bag has left it behind. At that point, it will search for the image of the owner among those picked up by the various surveillance cams placed in the area, until it can track down his movements, and if the search points to a person leaving the building or premises, the system would immediately alert security personnel to verify the presence of a possible threat.

All this is achieved thanks to a facial recognition software which can determine a person’s identity thanks to only one frame, and to recognize him among a crowd, determining the direction in which he is moving in case it loses contact, in order to regain contact. The software can also recognize features such as the way one walks.

SUBITO will be able to detect a dangerous situation not only by the presence of an unattended backpack, but also by analyzing the presence of other people and objects inside the premises, objects that indicate a possible threat and make it possible to determine that a group of people is carrying out an attack.

A waterproof and shockproof tablet PC for military use

settembre 20, 2010 Technology No Commenti

American Industrial Systems (AIS) has just released its latest creation: a tablet PC, similar to an iPad, specifically designed for military applications and not only. In fact, Military Panel PC can be used also in aerospace industry and in transportation, thanks to its features and characteristics of extreme durability.

It is a portable Tablet PC, housed into a fully sealed shell, waterproof and resistant to shock, compliant with IP67/NEMA military specifications in terms of resistance to water and dust.

Thanks to its sturdiness it can be used even in the harshest environmental conditions, and can even be immersed in water. To operate in an easy and intuitive way it is equipped, just lke a normal Tablet PC, with a touchscreen to enter commands and select among available options. Furthermore, its touchscreen is equipped with a special protection layer which eliminates the risk of moisture caused by humidity following to a submersion in water or usage in moist environments.

Its display is easily legible even under direct sunlight, and its inner parts are protected by an aluminum shell, while external connectors, exposed to shock, moisture and dust, are of a special type in order to withstand the kind of threats posed by an unfriendly environment. Military Panel PC can operate at temperatures between -20 and +60 degrees.

With such features, AIS caters mostly to military departments and administrations, which can provide their personnel with a high resistance tool, but it also keeps an eye on transportation companies which might need to keep a constant information flow with trucks and vehicles operating in difficult conditions.

Even soldiers can have their skateboard

settembre 20, 2010 Technology No Commenti

For US soldiers deployed in war zones with a rough terrain, where walking is not the easiest of tasks, especially if done while carrying heavy backpacks containing heavy and bulky military equipment, the opportunity of having a personal means of transport is certainly warmly welcomed.

If, on top of that, it is also some sort of skateboard, then it would be as fun as it is useful, especially during long waiting hours behind the lines or far from the action, when it could be used to have some well-deserved fun.
This kind of skateboard, called DTV Shredder, of course does not look too much like the normal boards on wheels, as it looks like something halfway between a tank and a Segway, or, if you like, a Segway with caterpillar tracks.

Thanks to its tracks, Shredder can move on the roughest terrains, at a maximum speed of approximately 40 kmh, just like a city scooter. On top of that, it can negotiate steep slopes up to 40 degrees, and all this while carrying up to 500 kgs of heavy material.

Along with making soldiers’ life easier during long marches, this sort of skateboard can also be used for short surveillance and reconnaissance missions, to rescue wounded personnel and evacuate them swiftly from dangerous zones, or simply to carry heavy material on short distances thanks to its engine providing a 15-horse power.

Of course though, soldiers on the frontline can use Shredder for all this… but also to have a bit of fun on the side, racing other buddies or doing a little bit of freestyle while they are not busy with dangerous missions!

Spy phones, for an invisible and continuous surveillance

settembre 19, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Parents concerned for their kids, fearing that they may end up going out with the wrong company, spouses worried over a suspicious absence or behavior by their husbands or wives, businessmen who suspect that some of their staff, agents or business partners may have a personal interest in their job, police forces or government agencies that need to gather evidence and sensitive information to frame a suspected criminal or a spy.

All these kinds of people or professionals might have an interest, either to be reassured or to have their worries confirmed, in keeping a constant watchful eye on the person under observation or surveillance; on the other hand, though, it is difficult to keep someone under control without arising any kind of suspicion that may prompt them to change their habits or, in any case, to keep a low profile.

To avoid this, while keeping a high surveillance level, and most of all without having to chase or follow your suspect, modern technology allows us to stay in constant touch with our subject, no matter how far he or she is, thanks to the opportunity given by a spy mobile phone.

A spy mobile phone, even looking at it thoroughly, has absolutely nothing different from your ordinary mobile phone. In fact the difference lies deep inside, where an absolutely invisible software is installed, which even the savviest user will not be able to detect.

Thanks to this software, we can keep a continuous connection with the spy mobile phone user, and while they are totally unaware, listen to their phone calls in real time, read all their text messages both sent and received, detect their geographical coordinates at any time ( if the phone is GPS-enabled) or, if we are too busy to listen in real time, we can comfortably receive an audio file by email, which contains a recording of received or placed phone calls; furthermore, we will be able to listen to conversations taking place AROUND the mobile handset, even if the phone is turned off.

All this can be done without having to be anywhere near the Spy Phone, apart from the time required to install the spy software, that is, just a few seconds. Once this software is installed, it will be possible to control and configure it by sending simple SMS messages, which will be intercepted by the software and handled as operating instructions.

The spy software would alert us on a preset number (that is, our cellphone number) when a call is going on, allowing us to listen in without alarming the talking parties; it sends is a copy of each SMS sent or received, or by sending a simple text message it will reply by sending us geographical coordinates of the phone (and of its user) which we can easily use to track down the exact location of the spy telephone and its user.

Should our suspect refrain from talking about sensitive subjects on the phone, they will be a bit more relaxed when not using it. This is exactly when the spy cellphone shows how useful it can be, by using it just like a bug to listen to conversations around it via the microphone. All we need is to call it, and the surveillance software will automatically answer, without giving out any sign of activity which might make people suspicious, and allowing us to listen in.

All the spy phone activities happen invisibly, and even copies of SMS are sent without entering a record in the sent messages log. In practice, even the smartest mobile phone programmer will not be able to figure out that what looks like a normal handset is actually a Spy Phone.

For more details and information on how Spy Phone works, on the available models and their prices, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website, and contact our experts who will certainly give you the right advice for your needs in terms of surveillance.

A fiber optic interface in our nervous system

settembre 19, 2010 Technology No Commenti

The Dallas-based Southern Methodist University, in cooperation with the US Department of Defense, is working on a research project to improve the life of those who have received a prosthetic limb after having their own amputated due to illness or wounds.

The project is aimed at establishing a high speed communication between peripheral nerves and the prosthetic limb, to make it possible that it acquires a certain level of sensitivity which would allow it to recognize heat, cold or any pressure variations it may be subject to.

This is made possible thanks to a technology called neurophotonics, which allows communication between limbs and nerves thanks to ultra thin fiber optics which provide a high speed connection, and that one day might allow the limbs to communicate directly with the human brain and no longer with peripheral regions of the human CNS.

In fact, for the future, SMU researchers are working not only on communication between the nervous system and artificial implants, but also to help patients with other types of dysfunctions: just think of the possibility to create microscopic brain implants which can solve several problems, such as reducing uncontrolled tremor on limbs, or reducing chronic pain thanks to neuro-modulators, and so on.

In the future, to quote from one of the researchers, “human brain capabilities might be greatly enhanced by the speed provided by modern technology”. Honestly speaking, although technology can surely help fighting illnesses of various types, the idea of becoming computerized androids with fiber optics instead of our nerves does not exactly sound too appealing to us…

A secure multi account credit card

settembre 19, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Those who use more than one credit cards know well that having many cards in their wallet can pose a problem, either to remember all PIN codes or, in case of an unfortunate loss of their wallet, to have them all blocked or replaced.

To make life easier for who has several cards on several bank accounts, the Pittsburgh based Dynamics Inc. has launched a new multi account secure card, which not only is capable of handling several accounts on one card but, thanks to Electronic Stripe, its programmable and erasable magnetic stripe, can show on its LED display the number of the card that one wishes to use.

This novelty, called Card 2.0, is basically a small chip, equipped with a rechargeable battery with a 3-year life and mounted on a plastic support like a normal card, which can be used on normal POS terminals for your purchases, and can be programmed by entering, editing and deleting data and numbers of your cards. For further security, the number of the card in use is displayed on the screen only after the correct access code has been entered.

Just press a small button on the front of the card, and you can select the account to use (and the credit card number to display) and the relevant data will be sent to Electronic Stripe, ready to be swiped into the card reader in the shop where you are making your shopping.

For additional security, there is also a model which can handle up to 5 different card numbers with the relevant button, and that would only display a part of the card number, to render it basically useless for any third party in the unfortunate case of loss or theft, protecting its owner against any possible illegal usage of their cards and their personal data, which is not stored on Card 2.0.

Perfect Citizen, a real-life Big Brother

settembre 19, 2010 Technology No Commenti

According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the US National Security Agency, by appointment of the US Government, is operating on a program, called Perfect Citizen, which is aimed at detecting an neutralizing any possible cyber-attacks against private firms and government agencies essential for the smooth functioning of national infrastructures.

In short, Perfect Citizen’s goal is to protect electricity networks, companies that operate local and regional public transport, electrical or nuclear power plants, air traffic control systems and even television networks.
This can be achieved by placing an array of sensors within the computer networks of the companies and agencies that provide the above mentioned services.

In case of a cyber-attack, those sensors (designed by Raytheon which got a $100 million confidential deal to develop them) would immediately send an alert to the NSA.

Apparently, development of this program had already started under the Bush administration with the inception of National Cyber Security Initiative, and the wind has not changed with Obama on the leading seat. In practice, thanks to Perfect Citizen (which according to a confidential Raytheon source published by the WSJ, might as well be dubbed as Big Brother), the US Government wants to make sure that the companies which provide services of public utility do their utmost to keep a high security level on the infrastructures which keep the country functioning.

Companies are not legally obliged to say yes to Perfect Citizen and install the sensor which act as a backbone of the system, but considering the potential benefits to prevent cyber attacks, surely there will not be many refusals to a further level of protection for their computer networks, especially if they have a standing contract with a government agency and political pressure might weigh in to influence the decision process.

Malware hides behind 1% of the world’s websites

settembre 18, 2010 Technology No Commenti

According to the results of a research published by Dasient, a firm specializing in the struggle against viruses and malware on our computers, the number of websites currently present on the Web and used to spread malware or spy software amounts to over a million, that is, approximately 1% of all websites of the world.

If 1% looks like a reassuring figure to you, just try to think that sometimes, it might take just a few minutes to visit 100 pages, and that during those few minutes we might have visited one dangerous page, and our computer might therefore be at risk, as well as the data that it hosts.

Furthermore, this figure is also rapidly growing (over 250% if compared to previous year statistics), and has been obtained by scanning millions of potentially dangerous websites.

Most attacks of this kind take place when visiting websites that, unbeknownst to us, try to download in the background some code that, once it installs itself, can be used to give access to our personal data to prying eyes, or might use our computer to carry out a large scale attack towards other sites, in order to bring them down or to extract sensitive information.

Other sites and malware use leaks in java coding to gain access to our computers. Most pirate websites, according to this research, seem to be hosted in China, according to the .cn suffix which marks the relative majority of those without a .com suffix.

To defend ourselves from such attacks, Dasient recommends following simple but strict guidelines, for example by not accepting to open popups with advertising contents, which too often conceal a threat much more annoying than a mere commercial.

Helicopters can protect themselves from missiles, thanks to laser

settembre 18, 2010 Technology No Commenti

A research project from University of Michigan, in cooperation with the US Army and with its research branch, the ever present DARPA, is developing a system which could be used on helicopters, to protect them from missiles shot from the ground or from the air.

This anti missile defense system is not an active one, as it does not hit incoming missiles, but rather a passive one, which would jam their pointing heat-searching sensors, rendering them unable to trace their target and strike.

This result is achieved thanks to a laser system which, as soon as it detects a missile within its range, would shoot against it not a bomb, but a flood of mid-intensity infrared rays on a wide range of frequencies. Since infrared light is not visible, the missile sensors would recognize it as heat instead of light, and thanks to this the sensor would lose touch with its actual target.

These laser beams can defend the helicopter on which they are mounted up to a distance of just below 3 kilometers. The advantage with this defense is that it is made up of simple off-the-shelf optical fiber parts, normally used in telephone industry, and that it consists of a few pieces in order to minimize the effect of vibrations caused by the chopper.

In fact, other similar systems are made up of several little pieces, and the shaking they go through when mounted on an helicopter would create problems of stability and, consequently, of precision. In short, a limited cost and a simple design are keys to security on board of helicopters in war zones.

A second generation prototype of the model designed in Michigan will soon be manufactured via Omni Sciences, a spinoff company connected to the University.


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