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Microregistratori digitali

Encrypted phones, the solution for your privacy

settembre 26, 2010 Technology No Commenti

In recent years, the profile of telephone communications has changed dramatically. Until 20 years ago, it was possible to be reached only if you were near a landline phone, while during a journey or when away from home, one could not be able to communicate with the outside world, except if he was using a now almost defunct payphone.

When mobile phones came into the picture, the ubiquity of telephone communications has increased exponentially, so that now it has become impossible to live without being reachable anywhere, at any moment of our day.

While the constant accessibility is an advantage for our work and personal relationships, on the other side, “being reachable” can be translated as “being traceable” or even “intercepted”.
The very nature of cellular communication, in fact, implies that the phone constantly sends its location to the network operator, so that the details of our position are always recorded.

Similarly, our communications are potentially at risk of interception, either by the telephone operators or the police, or from unauthorized listeners who, if equipped with the appropriate technology, can listen to our private or business conversations, with devices that allow them to intrude encrypted networks and crack the encryption keys, thus freely listening to any conversations without being noticed.

To protect us from this risk, it is certainly useful to add a further level of security, by using devices such as an encrypted phone. Encrypted mobile phones are ordinary smartphones on which a software is installed that can encrypt conversations, email and text messages sent over the phone, through algorithms which are currently considered the gold standard in terms of security: AES and Twofish.

Thanks to a 256-bit encryption key, the encrypted communications via the telephone are virtually unassailable. To maintain their conversations 100% secure, the user should simply send the encryption key to their partner, who in turn will install it on his mobile phone.

At this point, communication between the two phones is safe. In fact, any attempt at eavesdropping will still be able to intercept the call, but all that they will be able to listen to is an unintelligible noise, which may be turned to regular voice only by those in possession of the relevant encryption key.
Of course, those who buy a phone of this kind may be wondering if the equipment does not contain any secrets or backdoors, and if his phone calls are really safe from intrusions, even by those who sold him the equipment.

To dispel such doubts, GSM Crypto comes with an “open source” code, which any developer or programmer can analyze independently, to be reassured about its complete safety and reliability.
In this way, those purchasing a GSM Crypto can make sure not only that the phone works as required, but that no one else apart from those who are on the phone will be able to listen to their conversations.

By using an encoded cellphone, therefore, your interests and your personal life will be completely safe from any external access that can pose a threat.
For more details and information on how encrypted phones work, you may visit the Endoacustica website, where not only you can contact our experts for an advice tailored to your needs, but also find a series of articles for protection of your privacy and personal safety.

Solar power for soldiers in war zones

settembre 26, 2010 Technology No Commenti

When talking about the cost to wage a war, one thinks of weapons, planes, tanks and ammunition, but we often underestimate the impact on this cost represented by fuel used to move heavy and light vehicles, or to run the power generators that provide electricity to areas where soldiers are quartered.

In addition, the costs incurred to get the fuel to the war zones can be astronomical: it was calculated that every single American soldier in Afghanistan uses an average of 22 gallons of fuel per day, at a cost (including transport), which varies between 300 and 400 dollars per gallon. Try to multiply this by the number of soldiers and the duration of the war, and you have a vague idea of how much money is being spent.

To save on this cost, U.S. forces are conducting an experiment on a battalion that will soon be deployed to Afghanistan with a range of equipment powered entirely by solar energy, allowing fuel savings of up to 50 percent.

The system that provides this energy was christened GREENS (Ground Expeditionary Renewable Energy System) and is equipped with solar panels that collect the energy needed to run generators that provide an output of approximately 300 watts.

Another significant cost is represented by the transport of purified drinking water. So far, all attempts to purify water on site, thus saving on transportation, have failed. The department that deals with the research on solar panels is trying to find a way to use that power to purify the water available locally, thus being able to cut costs further.

Saudi Arabia: A license for bloggers

settembre 26, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Those who read the pages of this blog know our views about laws designed not only to impose limits on investigative activities of law enforcement , but also to freedom of information and expression, as was the case recently in Italy.

Now the news from Saudi Arabia makes it clear that, in many countries, blogs are perceived by governments as a real threat, and if a (theoretically) democratic country such as Italy is to develop measures against Internet-based circulation of information, it is not surprising that much more drastic measures are applied in a country that was the first to try to control, for example, the use of BlackBerry phones, by demanding access to its encrypted files.

In fact, according to a note from the Ministry of Culture of the Saudi kingdom, all the online media, such as online versions of newspapers, news sites, or simple blogs, will need to be registered officially with the government in order to undertake or continue their publishing activity.

According to an official statement of the Ministry spokesman, it is not a restriction on freedom of expression, but rather a useful measure to reduce cases of online libel and slander. Whether true or not, the move certainly is not surprising in a country like Saudi Arabia, where media are under strict government scrutiny, and where a journalist can be jailed if he publishes unauthorized news.

Even in the recent past there have been cases of bloggers being arrested or Twitter pages shut down or blocked, but this is the first attempt by the government to regulate (obviously in a restrictive manner) the entire landscape of online media. Of course, the Arab world of blogs is in turmoil and has certainly not taken the news lightheartedly.

Your glasses can record videos

settembre 22, 2010 Technology No Commenti

As we have seen yesterday, the right kind of glasses can solve several problems, for example by helping visually impaired patients to see better in the dark and lead a better life. Along with helping those with eyesight deficiencies, the right pair of glasses can do much more, for example solving a nasty case of marital infidelity or corporate espionage.

This is possible if you are using a pair of spy glasses, that is, something that at a first glance may look just like your ordinary pair of glasses, with a thick frame which gives them a certain 60’s feel.
On the contrary, the frame is thick because it is used to conceal on the inside, right between the eyes, the microscopic viewer of an equally small video camera.

This camera, as you can easily guess, can be used to record videos and take stills in an invisible way, while the people around you are unaware that their every move and word is being picked up by your glasses and saved on the small memory card placed on the inside.

Once the recording operation is completed, all you have to do is take the memory card out and place it into a reader, or connect your spy glasses directly to a computer thanks to the built-in USB plug. The camera concealed inside these glasses can shoot videos with a 640×480 resolution, or take pictures with a resolution of 1280×960.

This item is recommended not only for those who want to gather images and intelligence in a discreet way (police forces or private detectives), but also to record a confidential office meeting without having your colleagues notice it, or even to shoot “point of view” videos of a bicycle or motorcycle ride.

For more details on how spy glasses are working, you can visit the Endoacustica website and fill out our information request form.

An autonomous robot to carry medicines around in an hospital

settembre 22, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Once again from Japan, we have another robotic novelty, this time coming as a small autonomous robot, which can move on its four wheels and carry material quickly from one side to the other inside a public shared space.

Its codename is MKR-003, and it was designed by the robotics manufacturer Muratec. Its natural environment is inside a hospital, where it can be used to carry swiftly and comfortably, thanks to its “tray”, not only medicines from one department to the other, but also meals to be served to patients, thus making workload lighter for hospital personnel.

The technological endowment that this autonomous robot sports includes, among other things, an array of sensors to calibrate its movements to the right point, two cameras inside its eyes, a small LCD screen to display messages (for example to inform nurses about who is going to be administered a certain medicine or so), a voice recognition software, as well as the ability to “talk” with simple sentences.

With its multidirectional four wheels, it can move quickly and autonomously in any direction. In fact, thanks to its artificial intelligence, it is also able to learn the road towards a certain destination after walking it once, and it can dodge obstacles and objects along its way, thanks to its sensor that allow it to create a real-time map of its position, as well as of other objects and people around it.

MKR-003 was created by order of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), a Japanese governmental organization which promotes development of technology for scientific use.

Your telephone company is remotely monitoring you

settembre 22, 2010 Technology No Commenti

According to information coming from Japan, NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), that is, the largest telephone and telecommunications company of the Land of the Rising Sun, is at work on an electronic bracelet, similar to those used to keep an eye on detainees released on parole.

The difference lies in the fact that this bracelet, along with detecting its wearer’s geographical location, can also detects their movements thanks to a miniature camera, a microphone and an array of accelerometers which can measure speed and direction of the motions they detect.

Thanks to this technological setup, the bracelet designed by NTT is able to measure its wearer’s hands’ movements, to view the objects that they pick up or use, and to record sounds from the surrounding area, sending all the gathered data to a remote server which, by matching the information with pre-loaded data, is able to determine the actions and chores carried out during the day, like ironing, cooking, typing and so on.

For example, this kind of bracelet on the waist of elderly people would allow distant family members to keep them under control and make sure that they do not do anything wrong and potentially dangerous. Currently, the bracelet is still in its early development stages, and is only able, right now, to identify approximately fifteen actions.

In its final version, it should be able to recognize hundreds of actions, and should have a smaller size and a wireless connection to transmit the data it gathers. The only doubt that we get is whether it is really developed only for a humane usage such as assisting older people, or there is something else behind it.

Seeing at night requires the right glasses

settembre 21, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Those with serious eyesight problems know too well that night time can be a real torment for them, as they are often forced to stay home to avoid the risk of running into dangerous situations. In fact, what for a person with no eyesight problems is simply a dark alley, for a visually impaired can turn into a deadly trap full of dangers, and even a small hole in the ground can cause a serious injury or worse.

The problems that this causes are not only of a practical nature, but they affect most of all the quality of life of those with such problems. To make it possible for the visually impaired to go out at night, and to improve their eyesight also during the day, technology lends us a hand thanks to night glasses.

Night glasses contain a small digital video camera, placed on top of the frame, which would display the images it picks up straight into two small screens on the inner side of its lenses, basically placing the image right before the eyes of its wearer. They can also work with an additional source of infrared light to improve performance at low frequencies, and are equipped with a digital zoom to magnify any object of interest.

Usage of a pair of night vision glasses is recommended for people with serious eyesight problems but who are not to be considered “legally blind”, that is, with at least 1/10 eyesight. Using these glasses can provide an immediate benefit not only at night, but also when directly flooded by sunlight which would normally blind anyone staring, making vision temporarily impossible.

For more details and information about night vision devices, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website and consult our experts.

New accessories and features for Flip microrecorders

settembre 21, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Following to the recent wave of miniature high definition video recorders, capable of shooting videos and photos in high quality, Cisco has finally decided to update its Flip, by adding new functions, improving its technical characteristics and y making its models even smaller and easier to handle.

These micro recorders, which set the reference standard in the segment of high quality amateur digital video recording, are now equipped with an image stabilizing system to improve the quality of their video footage. Depending on the model, as usual, their memory capacity may vary, as well as their graphic resolution.

The top end model, 8Gb Ultra HD, is now thinner than it was in its previous version, and along with the image stabilizer, it sports a new FlipPort, an expansion port which can be used to connect a wide range of accessories, such as for example an external microphone, a picture projector, an external hard drive to add more gigabytes to its memory capacity, and so on.
All this, of course, while sticking to the Flip philosophy which provides for an extreme ease of use due to its single button for all functions, and to the retractable USB connector which allows you to pair your Flip with a computer within seconds and without having to install any driver or software to download its files.

The only problem seems to be that, while its competitors are rushing headlong on the 1080p resolution, the Cisco-made model is a bit left behind with its 720p and 60 frames per second. For Flip enthusiasts, though, this does not seem to pose any kind of problem.

Two robotic legs to help those who can not walk

settembre 21, 2010 Technology No Commenti

One of the latest novelties in the field of robotics, and more specifically in robots for home assistance, designed to make life easier for those confined on a wheelchair, is coming (as usual) from Japan.

It is called FuRo Core, a bipedal robot, which can carry a weight of up to 100 kgs. This prototype is equipped with two robotic legs that allow it to walk while carrying on its shoulder (or rather, on a platform placed above the legs) either some heavy and bulky material or, better, someone who has serious problems in walking independently.

These robotic legs are flexible, and this means that FuRo can climb up a flight of stairs, bend and squat downwards to allow its passenger to step up or down. Developed by the Institute of Technology of the Japanese town of Chiba, FuRo Core is still in its early development stages, and it is literally taking its first steps forward.

What its designers hope is that it can provide a valuable help for handicapped people, allowing them to move beyond the borders of what they would do with an ordinary wheelchair, for example by climbing or descending a flight of stairs, or walking up or down a slope, which could pose a serious threat if negotiated on wheels.

Thanks to it, a disabled person who can not walk, along with being finally able to move around more freely, might have an improvement especially in his morals; in fact, for those who can walk normally, going upstairs or downstairs does not pose any kind of problem nor it is anything special, but for those who look at the world while sitting on their chair, it could be a giant leap forward, and any technological device designed to make their life better is certain to receive a warm welcome.

250 knots speed for the world’s fastest helicopter

settembre 21, 2010 Technology No Commenti

A few months ago we mentioned the X2 Demonstrator project, an helicopter with two coaxial rotors which was being tested by Sikorsky for an attempt to break the world speed record for choppers. Generally, a conventional copter (with two rotors each one on its axis) can reach a top speed of approximately 170 knots, and already during the early test phase, X2 had topped it by reaching 181 knots.

A few days ago, the Sikorsky X2, during an unofficial test flight, has recorded a much higher speed by marking 250 knots, well above the official record which stands at 216 and is held since 1986 by the British Westland Lynx helicopter.

The 250-knots mark was the initial target of the X2 Demonstrator project, and Sikorsky is planning to use its technology, and the experience acquired during the course of this project, two build ever faster double rotor coaxial helicopters, with an eye for stability and ease of use.
In fact, the X2 prototype shows that a chopper can reach such high speeds, while losing nothing under the point of view of maneuverability, both at high and low speeds, and of stability when it floats mid-air or while gaining speed.

Now, the challenge lies in mass production of helicopters with these characteristics, and in the integration of any technology that Sikorsky’s clients will require, from weapons to video devices for aerial surveillance and high-speed and high-flexibility reconnaissance missions.

Once this integration is completed, the future of copters can be rewritten… at a speed of 250 knots!


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