How many eavesdropped conversations can fit into a yottabyte?

How many eavesdropped conversations can fit into a yottabyte?

Eavesdropped Conversations? In security-related environment, the word is that the US National Security Agency is about to open a new center for processing and storage of data, which can store up to several yottabytes of information.
For those among you (and your blogger is actually in the same condition) who happen not to know what a yottabyte is, this apparently weird measurement unit is the equivalent of something like a million billion gigabytes.

We are talking about monster-sized storage facilities, capable of hosting the rough equivalent of the world’s entire data capacity, multiplied by a few thousand times. This huge amount of available data storage space can be used only in one way, considering the NSA’s activities: storage of information, conversations, telephone eavesdropping, radio transmissions and so on.

How an anti-surveillance system can give you some peace of mind?

What is still unclear is the means of storage that will be used to file this amount of data, what is sure that it would be too expensive to not have an anti-surveillance system , complicated and space-consuming to interconnect millions of hard drives with each other. It is also sure that nowadays, our telephone conversations are no longer to be considered 100% private, and that the potential risk of prying ears listening to what we say is always around the corner.

Therefore, along with following the simple advice of not touching sensitive subjects while on the phone, it is certainly advisable to provide yourselves with a anti-surveillance anti interception system which would allow us to make our conversations more difficult to intercept, or useless for any unauthorized listener.

Unless your name is Bin Laden, if you are leading an ordinary life your private or business conversations should not be of any interest in NSA, but at least, we know that the feeling that someone may be listening is undoubtedly not a pleasant one and feeling reassured against this threat is certainly priceless.