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KA-101: a full audio monitoring kit fitted with spy bug, receiver and micro recorder

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Which video bugs are better to use in investigation?

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Economic dependence and cheating: a study reveals a possible correlation

A few years ago, on the site of ASA (American Sociological Association) was written up an article concerning a possible correlation between economic dependence on one’s partner and a large number of cheating cases. In the article, the US sociologist Christin L. Munsch, a researcher who spent a long time …

Microregistratori digitali

Home with the GPS shoes

ottobre 1, 2012 Localization No Commenti

Dominic Wilcox, british designer, has created a fully functional prototype pair of shoes with a built-in GPS that will guide you home. The name of this extravagant invention is “No Place Like Home” and it’s inspired by the famous novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in witch the protagonist Dorothy, with her magic shoes, can go everywhere clicking her shoes together three times.

For Wilcox’s shoes, with expertly decorated sole, just beat the heels once. Infact, the shoes can be programmed by connecting to the computer. After uploading your required destination to the shoes with a USB cable, the GPS, which is embedded in the heel, is activated by a heel click. The GPS system is powered by a battery similar to those found in mobile phones. The shoes communicate with each of them and they have two different utility thanks to the microcontroller called “Arduninos”: the right shoe has a progress bar of lights to show to the wearer how close he is to the destination. Once you arrive at your destination the led will light green. Instead, the left shoes communicates via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction.

The project, commissioned by the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, was exhibited at the London Design Festival 2012.
The uses of these shoes could be very numerous, we can think for example to Alzheimer’s sufferers or to those people who may have the habit of drinking a glass too or even to teenage children that are late at night and don’t want to go home or to the careless wife that continually loses the way.
GPS systems entered fully into our daily and now also in our shoes.

Deads alive…in the memory with the QR code

settembre 26, 2012 Technology No Commenti

Companion of every moment of daily life, the technology doesn’t abandon us even after the death.

The idea comes from England by Stephen Nimmo, director of the funeral home “Chester Pearce” di Poole, that he thought to enclose the memory of the dead in QR Code (Quick Responses Code).
Invented in 1994 in Japan and circulated with ever-increasing frequency since 2005 with various uses and purposes, the QR Code are a special two-dimensional bar codes that contain within them information intended to be read through the use of a smartphone or other device able to interact with the modules of the square.

The code, place on the gravestone, when is scanned, connect the phone to a web page containing the biography, the pictures and even videos of the deceased.
Friends and close relatives, with passwords, can insert themselves contents and comments, making the memory of the their beloved, interactive and very social.
Those who subscribe the service can create a simple website, with few essential informations, or make it rich and meaningful.
In future, it may become a useful help to try to reconstruct own family tree.

The new system is designed to make known to those who visit the cemetery not only the name, the age and the date of death of who are buried, but a large quantity of informations. QR Codes are engraved on a small plate of granite or metal and then embedded or glued on the gravestones, monuments and commemorative plaques placed on the benches.

The service can cost up to £ 300, in addition to £ 95 for the creation and the hosting (unlimited) of the personal website.

The contents can really be infinite: movies of farewell or greeting, links to Facebook profile, writings and wills. In a not too distant future, it’s thought to a version in augmented reality, “live” thanks to an hologram of the deceased.

Technology doesn’t know more limits: see through the walls, open locks with our eyes and make revive the loved deceased, until not so long ago, were possibilities related only to the science fiction. It’s in any case essential use properly the new inventions that can help us, especially in the fields of surveillance and security.

One second to identify a person: the new FBI system

settembre 24, 2012 Biotechnology No Commenti

Its name is NGI, Next Generation Identification, the ultra-fast program that will allows to the FBI to identify in a very short time the americans offenders. How i twill do? It will do by connecting to a database containing photographs, iris scans, fingerprints, voice samples, DNA samples and much more. At the base, an efficient system for facial identifying. The recognition will start, in most cases, by a simple surveillance camera that captures images transferring them to the database.

FBI agents will be able to identify a wanted in the crowd through surveillance cameras or recognize him by the voice sound captured by a microrecorder or a phone with a spy software. But even with identifying marks such as scars, tattoos or skin blemishes. The reliability of the new system assumes a margin of error of 8% in the case in which NGI comparisons in approximately 1.2 seconds an image captured from any source, as surveillance cameras, with the database containing millions of criminals; while the reliability becomes 100% in the case in which the image to be compared comes from defined sources as in the case of mug shots.

The protection of privacy is the only obstacle to the project. Infact there is a high possibility that the image of an uncensured enters in the FBI system because it appears in the background of a criminal photo. It would also seem that the investigative agency intends to connect its database to the government sources.
This perspective has also aroused the interest of Anonymous who has already announced protests on 20 October. Of course, the group of protesters who are sensitive to issues of privacy, will catch the attention of many people.

The system, able to use new technologies for rapid feedback comparing the biometric data, about the press, is already in test phase in several U.S. states and it comes into operation in the summer of 2014. The cost seems to be around a billion dollars.

Coming soon the super smartphone batteries that will last 3 months

settembre 17, 2012 Localization No Commenti

After the powerful GPS systems that have improved the use of our smarthphones, a dream could became reality. Not days, not weeks, but even months could be the battery life of our phone. Fantasy? No, it’s the product of a made in Italy project that, thanks to the nanotecnology exploitations, belives possible make higth autonomy batteries that can be used not only on phones, but also on other products and devices like as tablets, laptops, appliances and even electric cars.

The work, born from the collaboration between the nanotecnologies district, Veneto Nanotech, the Japanese Nagano Techno Foundation and the Japanese Shinshu University, will have public and private donations that will supports the development of “smart batteries”. The goal is make batteries able to despense the energy in a smart way, in order to drastically reduce the consumptions. How is it possible? Using the “coating”tecnique, that is a nanostructured covering that maximizes the life and the capacity of energy efficiency of batteries. The energy, infact, is crammed in some “stores” that are used one after the other, in sequence, so as to have many small batteries ready and efficient.

It’s difficult anticipate when these type of systems will be ready for the business: research and development of a technology has no precise timing. It’s hoped that as soon as possible could we forget at home the charger and make full use of our smartphones more and more advanced. So it will become more difficult to move away from our beloved smartphone which, however, has also become a real tool for detective or just curious. Infact, there are softwares able to control from a distance the movements of another telephone. These systems are used a lot for various kinds of interceptions and allow you to be notified of calls, messages and even environmental events. An easy and real time control system without excessive costs as is demostrated by one of the leader industries, Endoacustica.

Surveillance and security, the robot that acts like a guard in the flesh.

agosto 1, 2012 Technology No Commenti

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is launching a new humanoid robot called Petman that could be used for military or civilian use, in rescue operations, for example. The new robots would not only be able to walk and run, but also to climb stairs, get into a vehicle and drive it, open the doors, free environment from the rubble and save lives. Remote controlled, but only in part, will also be able to “take decisions” by itself to complete its task.

That’s not science fiction, but the result of a continuous competition between researchers at DARPA, which will finance six teams of hardware robotic and twelve other of software robotics. Who will give the best results will have a higher remuneration. A great way to give a jolt to the U.S. Robotics which currently is still a step back to the Asian technology.

Moreover, in Italy, at the University of Pisa, researchers are developing  a robot with facial expression identical to that of humans, (FACE is its name) opening up a movie scenario. Think about how these pieces of technology can be used in different occasions, from every day life, in particular dangerous situations or for surveillance purposes, as if you had a keeper in the flesh, to natural disasters, wandering through the rubble, for example, looking for signs of life, perhaps with the help of tools to see through walls.

All scenarios that are being transformed from imagination, or engineering, to a reality in which men increasingly interact with their robotic alter ego to improve the quality of life and personal safety.

Endoacustica Europe

From Spain a system to fool biometric scanners.

luglio 31, 2012 Biotechnology No Commenti

Researchers at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and West Virginia University have discovered a way to mislead iris biometric scanners used for access control in certain places.

When security systems based on iris scan create an imprint of the iris itself, they do not store the image to compare it in future with the real iris each time a person try to enter the place put under control. They, in fact, transform the image into a code consisting of about 5000 bits of data. This code is usually based on approximately 240 points of the image and is unique. Each person has his owm and when someone stands in front of the scanner, the code given by his iris is compared with those in the database. If the system finds a correspondence, the door opens.

And what about if a hacker were to gain access to this database, could he somehow reconstruct through the code a sort of artificial iris able to fool the security system? Until recently, this was pure science fiction. Today, as shown by researchers of Madrid and West Virginia University, this is really possible, thanks to a genetic algorithm which allows to reconstruct, after about 200 attempts, the image of an iris very similar to the original one and able to enter in his place.

What was considered one of the safest security systems in the world, based on the uniqueness of each individual, today, thanks to this research, begins to show its weaknesses. And what about if these studies applied to the locks based on fingerprint scanners? Nevertheless, these biometric systems are still the most inaccessible…

Endoacustica Europe

USA, a robot creates a Wi-Fi network and performs reconnaissance.

luglio 30, 2012 Technology No Commenti
A robot that set ut Wi-Fi Networks

It is not a simple system for cracking Wi-Fi networks, but so much more. It is an robot made of aluminium with the shape of a tank and is able to create a Wi-Fi network and to extend it in potentially dangerous and hazardous places, where connecting to the network is almost always problematic.

Weighing 150 pounds, is strong enough to carry a weight of 200 pounds, but its purpose is not transportation. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi router, a night-vision camera, a satellite tracker, so it can always be monitored, and a lithium battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

It is controllable via a browser interface (this means that it can be monitored from any computer), and contains a series of long-range repeaters that can be deployed at strategic points to allow the connection.

The really interesting thing is that, in addition to extending wireless networks, it can also perform night reconnaissance, moving even on inaccessible terrain, as it is really similar to a tank. Researchers at Northeaster University are studying a system to increase speed and to allow the robot to climb stairs. It has been studied, moreover, a system that will enable it to return to the base if it loses its WiFi connection.

Designed especially for military use, think about how it would be useful in areas affected by natural disasters, where the physical network infrastructure is sometimes damaged!

Endoacustica Europe

A “smart suit” which increases soldiers’ physical endurance.

luglio 27, 2012 Biotechnology No Commenti
smart suit

We are accustomed to different instruments used by law enforcement and military for self-defense purposes and to strengthen human capacity. Man is transformed, thanks to technology, in a veritable superman, combining intelligence, human natural strength and robotics.

They range from simple dresses with rubber bumpers, which provide effective protection against impact, protecting the wearer’s body, to more complex instruments, real armours that allow, among other things, to raise weights that otherwise only a man could not carry. The only limits of the armour are the weight , the inflexibility and the fact that sooner or later the device run out of batteries, becoming not only totally useless but also a burden to those who, instead, should have greater skills on the battlefield, in police or rescue operations.

For this reason the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has hired the Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, to create a military uniform that includes a new HULC, a Human Universal Load Carrier, that is a tool that would help soldiers to lift weights that otherwise one man could not endure. The new device, according to researchers is more lightweight and flexible than its predecessors, although there is still the problem of poor battery life that, however, according to the Institute, might be solved by the use of fuel cells.

The new device, comfortably worn under a regular uniform, is going also to have a sensor that detects the fatigue of the wearer and, by practicing him a real massage with vibration, allows to increase the resistance for certain physical efforts.

An investment of $ 2.6 million, which is leading to the implementation of a tool that will reveal its usefulness not only in the military but also in the civil. Think about the use of the “smart suit” in rescue operations or in the assistance to people with disabilities!

Endoacustica Europe

U.S.A., a man jams mobile phone calls on a city bus.

luglio 26, 2012 Technology No Commenti
Philadelphia bus

Imagine being on a overcrowded city bus during the rush hour. There are those who converse with their neighbours and those who, instead, talk on the phone out loud, irritating the ear of the passengers. How many times have you found yourself in such a situation? How many times have you wanted to silence them? This is exactly what a man from Philadelphia did. Eric, this is the name with which he introduced himself to the press, bothered by other passengers talking loudly on the phone on a SEPTA company bus, decided to adopt a jammer to jam cell phone signal, a device that he activated as soon as he heard someone answering the mobile.

The man, who thought to go unnoticed, had been observed for many times by a company employee, who had noticed the little device “similar to a walkie-talkie with four small antennae and a button that was pressed each time someone started to talk on a cell phone.” Eric was almost immediately blocked and asked to give explanations. Apparently, the only reason for using the jammer was the trouble that listening to phone conversations of others caused him.

A curious and unusual use of a device that, in other situations, has proved its value. Think about the possible use of the jammer during events or shows, or even during important meetings to avoid distractions or unauthorized recordings.
The jammer also proved to be vital in military operations, such as those conducted by the U.S. military in Iraq, where they used to disrupt the signal, making them harmless, of remotely controlled bombs, one of the favourite weapons of the enemy and that has caused dozens of deaths since the conflict began.

Returning to the case of Eric and to the way he used the device, the man continues to be severely criticized by people on the Web, who wonder whether it is right, and legal, to keep others from talking on the phone in such a public place. “What about if one of the passengers needed to speak urgently with his family or with his physician about important issues?” …

Endoacustica Europe

Researchers reveal the vulnerability of CCTV cameras.

luglio 24, 2012 Technology No Commenti

We live in a world where surveillance cameras are quite wide spread and often give us the impression of living in a huge Big Brother. Despite the various controversies about privacy, they have, however, proved their effectiveness in preventing crimes and in helping to identify and stop dangerous criminals.

However, it has been shown that the usual closed circuit television cameras have a very weak safety system: they are often sold with Internet remote access enabled by default, and with a preset weak password. This allows hackers to control them and to favour, in this way, criminal actions.

According to researcher Justin Cacak, safety manager of Gotham Digital Science, as a result of “penetration tests” carried out for customers to discover the vulnerability of the security of their networks, it has been demonstrated how these devices can be hacked and viewed from any part of the world.
Banks, research laboratories, universities, businesses, homes and other sensitive sites, are thus exposed to a huge risk: hackers could take control and steal important information and projects, or simply violate the privacy of thousands of people without these may realize.

So, remote access to these devices is possible if the manufacturer allows such an access as a default setting. Moreover, in most cases, these settings remain permanently for the simple fact that users do not know how to change them, because they’re not experts. The situation appears even worst if you consider the fact that preset passwords are very weak and thus easily decipherable.

In this way, according to experts headed by Cacak, it was possible to enter the conference rooms of different important companies, such as the Boardroom of Goldman Sachs. That’s why it would be important, according to researchers, disable remote access to these surveillance cameras, provide them with stronger password or simply use a different type of micro-cameras.

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