Buying a bug transmitter on Amazon without knowing where it is from? Actually it is not a good idea!

“You know what? I bought this spy bug on Amazon, but now I am not able to make it work!” This is a typical comment submitted on Amazon or Ebay after having recklessly purchased the product in question. Actually we have been saying that for long time: before buying any …

KA-101: a full audio monitoring kit fitted with spy bug, receiver and micro recorder

Are you on the fence about the audio monitoring device to be used in your investigation? Well, KA-101 is just the device you need! Not only because it makes a combined use of bug transmitter, RF receiver and mini recorder, but also because it is more affordable than other devices …

Which video bugs are better to use in investigation?

Do you think audio bugs are the only surveillance devices to be used for monitoring rooms or any other environment? If so you’re barking up the wrong tree, because over time investigative technology has increasingly developed UMTS or WiFI video bugs, proved to be very effective in undercovered or remote …

Economic dependence and cheating: a study reveals a possible correlation

A few years ago, on the site of ASA (American Sociological Association) was written up an article concerning a possible correlation between economic dependence on one’s partner and a large number of cheating cases. In the article, the US sociologist Christin L. Munsch, a researcher who spent a long time …

Microregistratori digitali

Brazilian police to use sunglasses that can scan faces to find criminals

giugno 19, 2012 Biotechnology No Commenti
brazilian cops

They will probably look like Robocop, the Brazilian cops, who in 2014 might use special sunglasses, able to scan 400 known criminals per second from up to 12 miles away (even though they are optimized for about 150 feet). These glasses are wirelessly connected to a huge computer database that can compare the scanned faces with those of 13,000 people in the db.

Moreover, this device has also a screen which allows the officer to get instructions about the behaviour he should have with found out criminals. Maybe this type of sunglasses are going to be used during the 2014 Football World Cup, that surely requires advanced and strong surveillance systems. Nevertheless, if implemented in policemen’s daily activities, it could help to prevent crimes and increase the arrest of already known criminals.

In few words, these sunglasses have nothing to do with the already on the market glasses with camera, as they are designed not only to record facial profiles, but also to identify suspected people. They scans 46,000 biometric points on a person’s face and compares it against a very big criminal database and when they find a supposedly bad guy, a red light pops up inside the glasses and alerts the officer on what to do.

Military Police officials from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which will both host key games in the World Cup, have already been given demonstrations of device usage. “It’s something discreet because you do not question the person or ask for documents. The computer does it. To the naked eye two people may appear identical but with 46,000 points compared, the data will not be beaten,” said Leandro Pavani Agostini, Major of Sao Paulo’s Military Police. Moreover, “the device will be useful to police trying to monitor many different locations and events, ranging from airports and bus terminals to concerts and football matches”.

In short, these particular glasses are changing video surveillance in wide places and events, giving the police officers the opportunity to avoid a preliminary physical contact with the suspected.

Pay attention! The fly buzzing around you could be a spy!

giugno 18, 2012 Technology No Commenti
robot insect for surveillance

Beetles, bees, blowflies, moths … How many of you hate these tiny annoying creatures? People around the world who suffer from entomophobia will surely shudder now that cyborg insects are also made, allowing to reach places where conventional cameras cannot get into, for purposes of surveillance and rescue.

The members of the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) are, in fact, investing a lot of time and money in research and development of robotic insects, capable of carrying GPS trackers and micro cameras on their body.

Think about how they would be useful in the search for missing people in natural disasters like earthquakes. They could easily sneak through the rubble trying to detect signs of life. And think about how they would be useful also in the military to monitor the enemy. He would never think that those flies buzzing in his room are actually miniaturised bugs!

The only remaining problem is how to power something so small. These insects, in fact, would be hardly able to take off if weighed down by batteries. Moreover, the battery life can’t be as long as required for the purpose. For this reason US engineers, instead of creating entirely robotic beings, would rather prefer to “mount” micro equipment for surveillance on real insects, possibly of a certain size, like cockroaches and bumblebees, using the energy generated by the flapping of their wings.

Paradoxically, it seems that it is easier to drive a real hornet than its robotic equivalent. Although a robot can be programmed as desired, real insects do not have the power problems encountered in the development of their mechanical counterparts, and can be easily controlled through small electrodes placed in their nervous system.

The energy generators would be installed in correspondence of the wings and would be able to produce a total of 45 µw for each insect. According to the researchers, the output power will surely be higher by about 10 times by connecting the generators directly to the flight muscles of insects.

A great tool, then, to penetrate and monitor the most remote places, where humans and conventional equipment can not reach, or at least fail to reach on their own.

A new surveillance system for goods raises questions about privacy

giugno 15, 2012 Technology No Commenti
new surveillance system for goods

It’s like having installed a sort of GPS locator on the property rented out.

Actually, this new technology is called RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. In essence we are talking about washable tags with microchips that can be inserted into clothes and objects of all kinds, to monitor the returns, in case they are rented out.

They are already used in some hotels in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan to prevent the theft of towels, sheets or other objects of the hotel and are proving very useful for the purpose: the thefts were reduced by 4000 to $ 750 per month in a pool of Honolulu.

They are installed to monitor the status of the uniforms used in some companies. The ID tags of clothing is combined with a personal ID number to show real-time which uniform is being worn by whom. This helps to reduce the risk of loss and theft as the RFID system can accurately determine who was the last to wear that particular uniform.

The system also includes the installation of special scanners at strategic points, to determine the returns and the going out of the items. The object that has a built-in microchip can be read by more than four meters away and this also allows to scan multiple objects simultaneously, without making the manual counting.

The RFID tag is less than 2.5 inches long and completely flexible, weighs only 2 grams (less than 0.1 ounces). It is resistant to high temperatures of ironing and can be washed over 100 times without any adverse effects on its ability to be scanned.

This system has applications for both companies with high volume of uniforms such as hotels and resorts or for clothing rental outlets such as bridal and formal wear retailers On the other side, however, there are those who question a broader application of this technology because it would invade the privacy of individuals. What is most disturbing is the fear of being constantly monitored through objects or clothing that you wear, even after leaving the shop, as if you brought along a gsm bug with gps tracker. And, although manufacturers say that now the problem does not exist, because labels are only used within the business, it would be good even to think about future developments. After all no one wants to be spied upon and recognized by the sweater just bought!

SpyNet Laser Trip protects your works of art. But maybe only if they are false!

giugno 13, 2012 Technology No Commenti
surveillance system

A new really cheap product has been launched on the market. A device that, if you purchased it, would raise the envy of those among your friends which are fans of espionage movies, or MacGyver as well. It’s called SpyNet Laser Trip and what it does is to create a laser network, just like that one you usually see on TV or in the movies when certain valuables have to be protected, such as works of art put at the center of a richly decorated room in a museum.

The system consists of a Class 1 laser transmitter, a receiver and two mirrors. The four pieces can be arranged in virtually any configuration, as long as the laser beam can reflect unimpeded from point to point, ending up at the receiver. The device can also be implemented with other mirrors, depending on the user’s desire. In the case where an obstacle is placed between a point and the other, an alarm will sound.

Do you feel like you are in a spy movie? Do you now feel smarter than the most clever Lupin? Do not get excited! The system does not include the steel casket doors which would presumably close to stop the thief. This device is actually a toy, although it could easily fool the less experts in the “surveillance” matter. Maybe it can be used as a deterrent, but not as a true surveillance system for your valuables, which you had better keep in a safe.

If you really need a device that can detect intruders in your home, you should rely on professional tools suitable for this purpose, as a video bug with no range limits that, with a simple call (for the audio only) or video call (for the video function), allows you to see, and listen to, all that is happening in the environment in which it is installed, in real time.
The ideal device, in short, to monitor your home and your belongings, as it is simple to use, more than the toy laser system, easily concealable and relatively low cost.

Stalker, an iPhone app whose name says it all

giugno 12, 2012 Technology No Commenti
iphone stalker app

Suppose a friend asks you to spy her unfaithful boyfriend. Besides having him shadowed and see with your eyes as a witness, you also need to support your claims with evidence, perhaps taking photos without him noticing. Suppose, also, you only have your iPhone with you. What can you do? Now there’s a new application that lets you take pictures without attracting attention to yourself or to your phone and that allows to quickly disguise the screen as an innocent text message, in case someone decides to watch on your phone.

This new application, called “Photo Stalker Secret Spy App”, has a name that speaks volumes and can also take pictures discreetly hiding the flash, or any type of sound, and shooting at preset intervals, from every 1 to 5 seconds .
Installation is very simple and it only takes one touch to activate the application that will allow you also to instantly upload photos to blogs and social networks.

The app designer has already underlined that the application has been created for artistic purposes and amusement, and that under no circumstances it should be used for illegal purposes. But these, of course, are only good intentions. Soon, moreover, also a version for Android will be available.

And in case you do not have either an iPhone or a smartphone, but, however, you need to record what’s going on around you without getting caught? On the market you can find a variety of devices suitable for this purpose, but certainly the most used and most “cool” are the spy glasses, containing a tiny camera and a 4GB memory, so you can record what is ging on not only in dangerous situations, but also in leisure time, be it a bike or a “Candid Camera” addressed to a friend.

Definitely a more dicreet device than the “Stalker app” (it looks like an usual pair of glasses), spy glasses are ideal for filming a meeting at work and in all those occasions that require you to have both hands free to do other things.

From the United States, a scanner to frisk without physical contact

giugno 11, 2012 Technology No Commenti
body scanner

Among new technologies, useful either for personal and civilian defense or espionage, we have already heard about tools like a scanner pen that can scan documents and send them via Bluetooth or email, or devices like a through wall radar, useful to find kidnapped people or survivors in natural disasters like earthquakes.

A new instrument is cornering the market and is showing its usefulness in American police forces. The New York Police Department, in collaboration with the Department of Defense of the United States began, three years ago, to develop a portable scanner that can detect from a certain distance the presence of a gun, or any other weapon, on a person’s body.

The system, which uses infrared rays to detect the radiation emitted from the body of a person, each time that a solid object made of metal prevents the rays to reach the body, makes it appear on the scanner screen the shape of the identified object.

The body scanner works from a distance of about one meter (three or four feet), although Commissioner Ray Kelly of the New York Police Department hopes that the range will be extended up to 25 meters (82 feet).

The device should be mounted on police cars and would be used whenever there is the need to frisk someone without putting hands on him. It is a really useful tool for law enforcement, as it allows people to be body searched at a distance without the police officer coming into contact with potentially dangerous weapons. Of course, a biggest step would be to extend the range, as already recommended, but, even in its present condition, the scanner is a big step forward for the safety of people and police officers that everyday face difficult and dangerous situations and cases. And last but not the least, this device would take away the embarrassment of touching a person to frisk him/her.

A phone that immobilizes the attacker, a new frontier in self-defense?

giugno 7, 2012 Technology No Commenti
immobilizer mobile phone

Have you ever experienced, walking alone in a dark place or in a park, the anxiety that someone might hurt you? And have you ever thought of using blunt objects in your bag for any purpose of self defense?

You are probably thinking about the keys, something that you surely always carry with yourself and always like to hold in between the fingers thinking you could hurt someone with them . But you never thought about a cell phone or, better, to something that looks like a phone but that actually is a real weapon, an object to immobilize any attacker, without them thinking you are on the offensive.
The attacker will think you’re unarmed, but you can be sure of having the best stun gun at your side while walking back from work, the gym or while playing sports outdoors or taking the dog for a walk.
Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun, this is its name, is really like a mobile phone and, looking at its design, nobody would realize that it is something other than a phone. This device, operating with a compact lithium-ion battery, also has, of course, a safety switch so that you do not use this weapon against yourselves.
Looking like a normal phone, however, analyzing it more closely, it is easy to see what it actually is. It should be remembered, moreover, that you are not allowed to bring it in certain locations. That is why, perhaps, instead of this tool, in dangerous situation you can rely on an anti-robbery and personal safety alarm which, with its particularly acute sound, is able to put on the run not only aggressors, but also rabid dogs or other dangerous animals.
If you also fear that the safety lock of the immobilizer phone-gun could not work properly and that this so powerful weapon could hurt you, then it would be better to buy a self defense indelible spray which, unlike the common pepper sprays, not only dims the attacker’s view, but indelibly stain his face for three days allowing, in this way, an easier identification.

A new spherical robot for video surveillance.

giugno 6, 2012 Technology No Commenti
robot for video surveillance

Remote-controlled unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) have proven very useful in military applications, but several industry studies show that they can also be applied to civil security.

A good example of these tools is the GroundBot, produced by a Swedish company. Able to roll in the mud, in sand, snow and even float on water, this particular robot has a spherical shape and has a couple of cameras that allow the remote operator to see everything that is happening around in 3D.

Remotely controlled or programmed through an indipendent system, based on GPS technology, GroundBot can be equipped with cameras that allow a 360 degrees and night vision (IR), microphones and speakers, as well as sensors for the detection of radioactivity, gases, moisture, fire, heat, smoke, biological materials, explosives or drugs.

GroundBot has all its sensors and cameras well protected inside the sphere sealed to prevent sand, mud, gas and water from entering. This makes it particularly suitable to detect gas leaks. Also resistant to overturns, drops and knocks. It can move and rotate in multiple directions with acceleration and deceleration. GroundBot is driven by a patented system with a pendulum mechanism. To start the rotation, the built-in motor raises the pendulum located inside the sphere, thereby changing the center of gravity. This brings the spherical robot to roll in the desired direction.

With a speed up to 10 km / h (6 mph), the robot can be used on any type of ground or surface, even on a smooth and paved one. It can run up to 8-16 hours, while it takes 3-4 hours to recharge the battery. Equipped with a housing made of polycarbonate with a high friction coating, the size of this instrument is comparable to a car tire, measuring 60 cm (23.6 inches) in diameter, while the weight of 25 kg (55 lbs).

An instrument, therefore, that joins to other surveillance systems of this nature, such as robots equipped with wireless webcam, or of any other nature, such as the 3G spy cameras, more discrete and with a slightly different use. The robot, infact, is best suited for surveillance in places such as airports, railway stations, power plants and warehouses, and for applications such as perimeter protection and monitoring of events at the stadium, that is for all those places or events that require monitoring on the move.

Bulletproof underpants protect your privates.

giugno 5, 2012 Technology No Commenti
bulletproof underpants

Soldiers patrolling the streets of Afghanistan on foot usually face a number of dangers that surely they would not find if they were in a tank. One such risk is posed by improvised explosive devices (or IED), which often cause the loss of limbs or damage to the “boy parts” of the body.

For this purpose a system of pelvic protection has been developed which comprises two layers: an under-garment, called “PUG” and a protective outer-garment, called “POG”. Both components can be worn as shorts. The PUG is easily worn under pants instead of underwear. It looks very similar to cycling shorts but it has, of course, a level of military protection. The POG, instead, is worn over the PUG and is even more protective and resistant.

Although it certainly can not completely protect these men from something like a IED explosion, this special underwear not only protects the femoral artery, thereby preventing loss of blood that can be fatal, but it also helps to reduce infections, often caused by particles of the explosives material.

The PUG is made of a breathable, moisture-wicking material along the outer thighs. The inner thighs, instead, are made with a knitted Kevlar to protect the flashy parts and the aforementioned femoral artery. Over the groin there is another layer of knitted Kevlar. These clothes are washable, weigh in at just under three pounds and they probably will be sold for about $ 95. We don’t know anything about available colours yet.

These garments are surely very useful not only for soldiers, but also for those who find themselves in situations that require some protection for the flashy parts of their body, while allowing perfect mobility and agility. No longer, therefore, only bulletproof clothing and dresses with rubber shock absorbing pad that allow you to secure rigid parts of the body, but also more security for the soft parts, easy targets in contexts of armed clashes or other.

Application transforms your smartphone into a bomb detector.

giugno 4, 2012 Technology 2 Commenti
bomb sniffer

Unexploded ordnance and landmines planted in what were once battlefields are a serious global problem. About 2000 people every month are involved in accidents due to explosion of mines, a victim every twenty minutes, many of them are children. NATO experts extimate that demining the areas affected by conflicts around the world could take up to 100 years.

Many have been the efforts to develop new technologies to detect these dangers, such as the use of terahertz waves and inkjet-printable sensors. But, instead of relying on the development of new technologies, some students of the Military University of Technology of Warsaw tried to use an existing one in a new way, developing an application called “Saper” to detect explosives with smartphones.

“Saper” is the Polish word for “minesweeper” and, at the same time, an acronym for “Amplified Perception Sensor For Explosives Recognition”. The application is based on the magnetometer, usually used for the compass-like functionality of your mobile, to detect disturbances in the magnetic field near an explosive material, allowing to detect forty different types of such materials, from a distance of 30 cm (11 , 8 inches).

Before the suspected area can be inspected the application, which was successfully tested on the field, needs a little time to calibrate the environment. Once done, all you have to do is shake the phone in the air as if you were painting a grid of up to 30 cm by 30 cm and not more than 30 cm away from the source of potential threat (the distance can be increased with the addition of a staff acting like an arm).

The application connects to a cloud-based server and compares the recorded signals of magnetic disturbance with other signals in the database. If a threat is detected, the application returns a warning message and identifies the probability of there beig some kind of explosive material in the sampled area. The GPS locator, then, identifies the site and immediately notify the authorities. The message of threat can also be automatically shared on social networks.

“We do not intend for SAPER to replace mine detection devices, but only to provide additional help when none are available ,” said Mariusz Chmielewski, the mentor of Polish students’ team.

Participant in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition, the application was developed exclusively for Windows Phone operating system but will soon be made available on other platforms. Other planned developments include a wireless external magnetometer which will increase the detection distance up to one meter (3.28 feet).

The group also plans to explore the possibility of using the magnetometer to monitor other types of disturbances of the magnetic field. Potential uses include the detection of cables inside a wall and detection of foreign bodies in the human body. In this way, the device will join other tools, already in use and certainly more professional, which allow to see through walls, thanks to a technology that uses radio waves of the UWB (ultra wide band) radar system.


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