How to find hidden transmitters and spy cameras in few minutes

How to find hidden transmitters and spy cameras in few minutes

Did you know that home and workplace are the two most common places where you can be spied on? Well, according to statistics carried out by security professionals, they are and you need to know how to find hidden transmitters. Hardly surprising given the extensive use of smartphones, tablets, satellites and other technological devices in todays world.

Be careful: we are not talking about wiretapping operations authorized by police or courts but rather about illegal operations undertaken by individuals seeking to gain information without your consent. Business secrets, love matters, political investigations and so on: even the most secure of government and private networks are targeted on a daily basis. There currently exists a variety of counter-surveillance devices which enable you to detect GSM bugs, covert cameras, radio transmitters and so on: one of them is RIL-RF-DIR, a directional bug detector.

RIL-RF-DIR has on its side an extraordinary broadband receiver and a professional frequency meter which immediately finds the modulation of the identified radio frequency. Indeed, it is able to scan all the frequencies of many audio and video surveillance devices.

It is especially able to track both analog and digital signals working on GSM900/1800, UMTS(3G), CDMA 450 (453-458 MHz), UMTS 900 networks, cordless, wireless, Bluetooth and many more. In addition, it is also a user-friendly detector: you just need to switch it on to automatically scan the area you are interested in monitoring.  An inner clock enables RIL-RF-DIR to work in surveillance mode to later return a report with all the detected transmissions.

Main advantages and features of directional bug detector RIL-RF-DIR:

  • Small size and weight (it is even smaller than a pack of cigarettes!);
  • Selective reception of radio signals;
  • High speed in data scan and analysis;
  • Detection of radio and digital signals;
  • Different search modes;
  • Audio decoding of radio signals (WFM);
  • Frequency and measuring of level signal;
  • Alarm in case of detecting;
  • Vibration on silent mode;
  • No external antenna required;
  • Long lasting and rechargeable Lithium battery.

How to Find Hidden Transmitters – Easy and Simple Solution

As the most technologically advanced product of its kind available today, Directional Bug Detector RIL-RF-DIR is amongst the best of devices in terms of ease of use, practicality and efficiency. Definitely it’s the perfect device for ensuring your online safety by stopping hidden audio and video transmitters once and for all!

To get more details or buy the directional bug detector RIL-RF-DIR, please visit this page.

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  1. I’m in a hotel room being monitored illegally and my phone is also hacked. dont know what to do to expose them and press charges.

  2. I have someone stalking and tracking me 24/7 I o believe it’s my ex this has been going on for five years some how they can direct my emails phone calls and acually turn my enter net off as I’m searching who can I pay to pinpoint exactly wher this devise is that this is being done and get papers proving who it is so I can report it and prosacute or sue these peopl have stolen my entire identity with this technology help please

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