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Microregistratori digitali

Biological sensors to detect chemical threats

agosto 15, 2010 Technology No Commenti

General Electric has just announced that it has been awarded a funding from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the agency from the US Department of Defense which carries out researches for new technologies to be used in the military field.

This research project is aimed at developing biosensors which would be manufactured by GE Research and are derived from a nanostructure in the wings of a particular type of butterflies.

Inside their wings, in fact, are contained what could be described as microscopic sensor capable of detecting any threats in the air which may damage the butterflies’ delicate balance.
The color of their wings, in fact, is also due to the very structure of their wings, whose sensitivity to light is used to give these fragile animals some survival tools.

By analyzing their characteristics, within 3 years of work the General Electric researchers have come to the result of a platform of sensors with similar characteristics, which can work either with visible light or near infrared.
Thanks to them it will be possible to monitor, for example, the quality of air near power plants, as well as the quality of water, in order to make sure that the water flowing inside pipes that run all the way to our homes is clean enough.

Furthermore, by analyzing quality of the air it will also be possible to perform a quick check-up via a patient’s breath, to detect any particles that reveal a serious condition. Of course though, what interests the Department of Defense is detection of any possible chemical threats in the air near a possible terrorist target in our cities, or providing armed forces in war zones with such sensors, in order to use Mother nature’s knowledge to provide security to both citizens and soldiers.

An USB stick to recover deleted data from your iPhone

agosto 15, 2010 Technology No Commenti

If your spouse’s or girlfriend’s behavior makes you wonder if she has some dirty secret, you know that quite often, taking a look on their mobile phone can bring interest things to light. But if the person in question uses a bit of caution and deletes text messages, calls history and Internet activity, finding spicy details can get much harder.

For worried husbands, whose wives use an iPhone, the solution comes as a small USB stick, absolutely similar to your ordinary USB portable drive. The iPhone Recovery Stick must be connected to the USB port of your computer, and by connecting your handset to another plug with its USB cable, it will be possible to retrieve all data previously erased from your iPhone.

Depending on the amount of data to be retrieved, the entire procedure might take anywhere between 15 minutes and a few hours. To make the search quicker, it is equipped with a user interface, where you will be able to enter your search terms, in order to go straight to the point if you know the name of your spouse’s suspected secret lover.

Of course though, search gets a bit harder if the information we are looking for has been deleted a long time ago, and the phone has been intensively used in the meantime, with a large amount of flowing data which may have erased what we are looking for.
Recovery Stick works on computers that use Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, and on iPhones with operating system up to iOS 3.x, although a version for iOS 4 is being prepared. Its price, as disclosed by the manufacturer, is around 200 dollars.

Infrared video cameras, to see the invisible

agosto 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti

When we were kids, to write “important” secret messages for our friends, we were using an age-old trick: just use lemon juice instead of normal ink, and the message receiver would only have to run the piece of paper over the flame of a candle to read it.

It was undoubtedly a romantic solution, and causes a sweet tear of tenderness now when looking back. Nowadays, the dear old lemon juice has been replaced by special markers which use invisible ink, while instead of the candle one can use a much more advanced infrared video camera.

The infrared camera, in fact, can pick up light at frequencies below what the human eye can see. Special inks used by this kind of markers can only be seen within that range, and thus can be detected only by devices which can see that light.

So, using an infrared camera to take video footage of a piece of paper with apparently nothing written on, it will be possible to see the invisibly written secret message. The ink, based on alcohol, can be used for a wide range of applications, such as for example marking banknotes, which could become traceable in case of a bank robbery, or maps and papers with a confidential content.

Furthermore, connecting the camera to a normal monitor, the contents of papers written with invisible ink can be viewed in real time, using it as an authentication protocol to access restricted areas.

For more details and advice on all possible applications of infrared cameras in your work or any other way, we recommend that you consult our experts, visiting the Endoacustica website.

Global Observer, one more step towards the skies

agosto 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti

A few days ago, Global Observer, an UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) manufactured by AeroVironment in cooperation with NASA, as just taken a vital step forward during its development phase.

In fact, the drone has just completed a series of wing load tests, at NASA’s research center in Dryden, which have been successfully completed and have certified that its wings, with their 50-meter wingspan, can withstand the dynamic stress that they will encounter when flying at altitudes ranging from 17000 to 2000 meters.

Global Observer is a HALE (High Altitude, Long Endurance) type aerial vehicle, capable of staying in the air for up to a week at the time, thanks to its engine powered by liquid hydrogen, and to monitor a circular area of over 170 thousand square kilometers, with a diameter of approximately 1000 kilometers, thanks to the video, photo and satellite positioning technology mounted on board, which would transmit the result of its monitoring job to a receiving station on the ground.

The data gathered can be used either for military surveillance, or to provide support to people affected by a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake or a flooding. While waiting for ground rescuers, Global Observer can in fact start mapping the place, to prepare an overview of the struck area and optimize the rescuers’ job, as well as functioning as a flying antenna to provide communications coverage.

The Global observer project, funded with more than 120 million dollars coming from the US Department of Defense, should achieve results by the end of year 2011, when the first completed plane should enter service. For now the wings are ready… on with the rest now!

How to remove yourselves from Google Street View

agosto 12, 2010 Technology No Commenti

We often happen to read funny news about people finding out that they have been photographed by the ubiquitous miniature cars that gather photos for Google Street View.
If for most of us, ending up on the search engine might be something to be proud of, or play the cool guy with friends and girls, unfortunately not everyone has the same idea.

For example, in Germany, Google gave owners of buildings in 20 German cities the possibility to opt out and request their building to be hidden from view, to avoid privacy problems which, for government buildings, may become dangerous in case of terrorist threats.

The problem is that the decision of opting out must be made within a time limit of only 4 weeks. Once the deadline is expired, users from these 20 cities will no longer be able to remove themselves from Street View, while people living in other cities will still be.

If building owners could run into trouble to have their properties removed, there is now a software which can remove people who should accidentally find themselves on Street View and find it inconvenient, for example, showing themselves where they are not supposed to be (for example, near their lover’s house…).

For those who don’t want their privacy threatened by Google’s mini cars and their cameras, this software can electronically remove a passer-by’s image. Basically, it identifies any human shape, and replaces it with background images taken from the shots immediately before or after.

Sure enough the resulting image could look strange, as sometimes it leaves a shade in place of a pedestrian, while in other cases, the only sign of a previous human presence before the treatment could as well be… a pair of feet with no body attached!

A chip to detect neurodegenerative diseases in early stages

agosto 11, 2010 Biotechnology No Commenti

Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Calgary (Canada) have just disclosed the result of a research project which could represent a real milestone in the history of the struggle against neurodegenerative diseases, such as for example Parkinson’s or Alzheimer.

In fact, the Canadian research team, lead by Naweed Syed, has created a microchip which is capable of detecting small changes in micro electric communication between brain cells, and therefore analyze how these changes may be a sign of the first symptoms of serious diseases.

These neurochips can also be installed in a cultivation of brain cells, which will use it to communicate with each other while, in turn, the chip would analyze the communication between human brain cells. Initially this was only possible for a few cells at the time, while now, a newer and improved version of this neurochip can work even with large groups of cells.

In this way, extracting a sample of brain cells from a patient, it will be possible to examine the way they connect to each other, matching it with how a perfectly functioning group of cells would work. Detecting any imperfection in the transmission of ions between cells, it is possible to detect the early stages of a neurodegenerative disease.

Neurochips are automated, so anyone can implant brain cells. For doctors this means no need for complicated training programs on brain scanners that must anyway be operated under the supervision of a specialized technician. Now, the doctor can be a technician as well, with obvious improvements in terms of flexibility of the analysis work, as well as time saving, hopefully meaning a good result for patients suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson.

Listening bugs are safe, for now

agosto 11, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Those who have followed political life in Italy lately will certainly have noticed how the headlines are no longer arguing about the proposed bill, better known as “gag bill” which was supposed to impose limitations on telephone wiretapping, while at the same time it was raising serious doubts about his legitimacy and the real reason why this bill was supposed to pass.

Difficulties within the centre-right coalition, and the split of a party only apparently monolithic and centered on Berlusconi’s figure as an absolute Chief, have taken the spotlight, leaving discussion on this bill in the shade. To tell the truth, the bill on eavesdropping has been one of the reasons for this crisis, ultimately leading to a split between supporters of the absolute Chief and those, in the coalition that supports the Government, that keep ears and eyes open to listen to the cry for law, order and honesty coming not only from their electorate, but from electors of other parties.

The ones that just left the PDL party had already raised exceptions and suggested amendments to the gag bill, so much that it would have been completely changed, taking it into a direction that, obviously, would not have been useful for the interests of the Prime Minister and of others who would silently have benefited from this law.

Therefore, because of this split, the Berlusconi administration is no longer (or not only) negotiating amendments to the bill that would regulate the recourse to listening bugs, but also to reach a stable majority to keep ruling the country.

For what it matters, from our little corner on the Web, we will maintain our no to a bill that does not really heed the cry for privacy coming from the common man (who would have nothing to fear if he leads a honest life), but rather heeds that coming from those who would not want their dirty deals to be exposed.

After electric helicopters, we need water-powered ones…

agosto 11, 2010 Technology No Commenti

…and here is one! With a perfect sense of timing, since in the last few days we were talking about energy saving and usage of alternative, renewable and clean sources of power for helicopters and aircraft of various kinds, here comes news about the presentation of Dragon Fly, a one-seat helicopter, powered by hydrogen which, as you might know, emits water as a by-product after combustion.

Therefore, our hydrogen helicopter is absolutely not polluting the air. Its source of power is based on the usage of hydrogen peroxide, diluted at a 50% or 70% grade, and used to provide power to a small rocket engine, which is just 20 cm long and weighing less than one kilo, but despite its small size generates up to 102hp of power.

Dragon Fly uses two of these rockets, mounted on the tips of its rotors, and thanks to this it is able to reach, along with its only passenger on board, a maximum speed of around 100 knots. On top of this, commands are very intuitive and easy to master.

The only inconvenience at the present stage lies in the quite high consumption rate of hydrogen peroxide. In fact, in order to fly, the chopper needs up to 45 liters of fuel per hour. Considering that one liter of hydrogen peroxide would cost more or less $1, one hour of flight is not exactly cheap.

Introduced during the recent AirVenture 2010 in Wisconsin, Dragon Fly was designed by the Swiss engineer Riccardo Cavalcanti; of course, this prototype is not for sale yet, and the final price idea, but should be somewhere in the 120 thousand dollars region, makes it suitable for those with no financial problems who like to hover around in their one-seat emission-free toy.

The most secure USB drive in the world

agosto 11, 2010 Technology No Commenti

Or at least, if not the most secure, certainly among the first, and sure enough, a nice bit of trouble for any aspiring hacker who should accidentally run into one of them wishing to find out what it contains.

We are talking about the latest release by MXI Security, specializing in security when carrying sensitive data via USB drives. Their Stealth M series, and in particular the Stealth MXP Bio model, has just been released in a new 64 Gb format, which represents a further addition to a line of products starting at 1 Gb.

In particular, these USB drives are designed for being used by government agencies or armed forces, which for obvious reasons make security and protection of their sensitive data an absolute priority. The MXP Bio model, apart from featuring a 256-bit AES encryption, is also equipped with a 3-level authentication process, with a combination of passwords, teamed up with a biometric scanner, as well as support for CAC/PIV cards with PIN code, used by government officials.

The processor inside this drive, which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, is supplied by Bluefly, the world leader in production of security processors for USB drives, and along with the security features outlined above, MXP Bio is also equipped with a particular version of Windows, called Stealth Zone Embedded Standard Edition, which can boot up Windows directly from the USB drive, thus preventing the computer on which it is used from having direct access to any data stored on it; basically, the computer is only used to browse contents, and once the USB drive is unplugged, data can not be retrieved.

In a few words, if your USB drive is one of those 800 thousand which get lost every year worldwide, with a Stealth drive you can sleep tight, your data is safe.

If you ask for a light, be careful!

agosto 10, 2010 Technology No Commenti

The smoking habit is already connected with so many risks and dangers, that we will not be the ones to remind you how unhealthy it is. But for those who, along with the habit of cigarettes, also have something to hide, this could turn into a much bigger problem if they happen to run into someone who offers them a light with a video recorder lighter, thus recording their movements while pretending to help.

Of course, Light Cam is not a normal cigarette lighter, although it actually works like one to avoid unnecessary suspicions. On the inside, though, it conceals a miniature viewer and an equally tiny microphone, and thanks to them it is capable of recording video and audio tracks, as well as taking high definition image stills.

To start recording, it will be enough to press the button as you would do when lighting up, and by doing this, with an absolutely natural gesture, you will start putting the people around you on video without them being aware of it.
The recorded movies and photos are then stored on a Micro SD memory card, with a maximum capacity of up to 8 Gb. Once the recording job is over, just remove the cover to expose a comfortable USB plug, which can be easily connected to your computer to download its contents within seconds.

Possibilities of use are basically unlimited, as any moment of our day could potentially give us the opportunity of recording events without being noticed: from a meeting at work, to an argument with an annoying neighbor, all the way to a professional use for detectives or police forces who might use this kind of devices to gather evidence of marital infidelity cases, of corporate espionage and so on.


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