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Professional camera

Digital video camera


SV-Cam is a shooting video system with incomparable features, suitable to be used like video surveillance device, due to its small size, or irreplaceable video system in extreme sports due to its ultra-strong and indestructible CCD camera able to absorb the bumps and waterproof itself. You can mount the small camera head anywhere you like on automobiles, motorcycles, etc. to record video with an "inside the action" point of view, or mount to a helmet to record an image nearly from driver’s viewpoint even in the situation when your hands are occupied.

Another use is in special situations when recording is required such as security operations or works that need particular precision. Quite due to these features, SV-CAM can be considered a professional choice for excellence.


SV-CAM recorder owns a very user friendly interface that facilitates the recording and viewing phases.

Quick recording

After having pushed on the POWER key placed at the side of the device, push on the REC key to begin recording.
This operation can be made even if you dress glovers. The HOLD key, placed at the side as well, allows to avoid the recording interruption coming with too strong strains during abrupt movements.
In order to make a recording, SV-CAM needs a SD Card (not included ) which allows, in a second time, the videos transferring to a PC to be viewed with the predefined player.

Quick viewing

The registered video can be viewed on start. It's enough to scan the list of performed recordings and run a video with the Play key.



Body Worn Video device for Police

BWV (Body Worn Video) represents most significant change to Policing in several decades, and many police officers predict BWV in use by most front line officers in medium term.
UK is most advanced in use of BWV up to the present, and the UK Home Office report points out significant benefits delivered from use of BWV.
BWV is seriously evaluated in many other countries, such as the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, France, USA, Russia, Turkey,  Italy (All with actual demands or inquiries to us).

Algemeen Dagblad (leading newspaper in the Netherlands)
The Police of Twente district is using a helmetcamera for their mountainbike teams, so they can record criminal activities if they occur. The footage will be used during court , and end of 2008 there will be a evaluation of this project.
These new smart helmet cameras are very important in Mobile Surveillance during festivals, Footbal matches etc.
Twente Police Force is using them also during "Night Club" surveillance at bars, Discothek etc. “Seems very usefull , when people see the cameras mounted on the helmets they will not think about getting aggressive. The complains against police man also decreased with 30%-40%.”


> Data Encryption/ Decryption
All the recorded footages are encrypted and can be decrypted only with specific software and with a right password.

> Password authentication
A correct password is necessary to replay the recorded footage and operate the recorder.

> Long recording
4.5 hours continuous recording with LCD ON or 5.5 hours with LCD OFF

> Trigger recording
Camera can have a trigger button for one-touch quick recording.

> Watermark
Recorded footage is watermarked (i.e. you can find out if the footage is edited or altered  by a third-party), so it can be used as evidence in court.

> Time/Date/Serial no. stamp
Time, date and unit serial no. are stamped on every footage, so that they are archived easily by the back-office staff.

> Power supply
DC 3.7V(when the battery is used) / DC 5.0V
(when the AC adapter is used)

> Power consumption
2.8W(when the battery is used) / 4.5W
(when the AC adapter is used)

> Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C (Camera Head -10°C to 50°C)
Allowable relative humidity 10% to 80%



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