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homepage Micro Digital Video Recorder > Micro digital audio/video recorder
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Micro digital audio/video recorder touchscreen

Video Recorder MDAV is designed for professional recording of audio/video data either from an external source or from built-in video camera and microphone onto SD memory cards to be easily played back, managed and available at any time.
The recorder can be upgraded with up to 4 memory cards (up to 32GB each, for a total of 128 GB) for both parallel recording (the same file onto all the memories), and circular recording (overwriting or passing to the next card when the first is full).
This touch screen recorder allows you to embed a picture in any text (e.g. car brand, your initials, place) and increase the value of records as evidence.
Thanks to its small size, it allows you to record discreetly in any environment without arousing suspicion. Therefore it's exceptional for professional operations of investigation or surveillance.

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Technical Specifications:

• Independent adjustment of bit rate for audio and video streams.
• Video in AVC format with resolution of 640x480 for video camera or 720x576 for an external source
• Video signal scaling (image compression) and cropping up to 96x96
• Adjustable video signal filtering
• Independent setting of bit rate for audio and video stream
• Adjustable frames per second for video stream 
• Automatic regulation of built-in video camera sensitivity
• Automatic correction of white balance for built-in video camera
• Flicker suppression to eliminate the affect of electric lamps etc (at the frequency 50 and 60 Hz)
• Disposition of text onto video (date, time, GPS data, text line)
• Automatic or manual selection of video standard to be used
• Option to set video signal parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation, colour)
• Recording of audio signal either from an external sound source (MF input) or from built-in microphones in AAC format
• Manual or automatic adjustment of the amplification of audio channels 
• Data recording is performed directly into MP4 format without any further converting
• Parallel recording of video data onto two cards
• Option to view video records directly from the recorder display
• Built-in clock and calendar 
• Starting Recording by: 
 - “Rec” Switch on the sensor screen,
 - Timer, 
 - Control input signal
 - Built-in motion detector 
 - VAS (Voice Activating System) 
 - Signal from Analog-to-digital adapter
• Circular recording onto memory card (1 or several memory cards)
• Power supply either from an external source or by built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery.
• Power supply for an external power consumer (for example video camera) with output voltage option (5 or 12 V)
• Option to work with GPS-receiver
• Setting of parameters through menu or with the help of “Manager” program
• Option to select interface language (Russian, English)
• Opportunity to upgrade internal software

microregistratore ultrasottile

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