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Realtime trackers WTK-II

Realtime trackers of animals, objects and people


A very useful tool to locate your personal belongings... and even your kids!

Do you have a restless early age kid who likes to run around everywhere, especially on the beach or in parks? Naturally, you are concerned, because he might end up in trouble, or simply get lost.

In this case, WTK-II is exactly what you need!


WTK-II is a small device that can be easily placed in pockets, backpacks, jackets or any kind of clothes, and will allow you to enjoy your rest, while your carefree kids can enjoy their games.

It is also useful as an object locator, allowing you to find small objects, for example in the house or in your car. WTK-II brings together the best of old and new technologies, becoming the first home appliance of its kind that is available to everyone.

WTK-II is an innovative product using award winning patent pending technology that helps find important possessions and can even stop them from getting lost in the first place. By blending the best of old and new technology WTK-II provides the first affordable personal homing device of its kind.

For young and old, pet lovers to parents and gadget lovers to grandparents, WTK-II is designed to be exceptionally easy to use and helps avoid that feeling of frustration when you mislay your valuables. From finding keys, handbags or mobile phones to ensuring the safety of your children, pets and personal possessions, WTK-II's versatility means it can be used in almost any situation by simply attaching the tag to any item you want to protect.

Object locator

Handheld WTK-II locator

Tag dimensions



Audio beeps and the on-screen directional display guide users quickly and easily to mislaid tagged items.

WTK-II's versatile nature enables use around the home, in the office or out and about. Small, discrete Tags and a compact Handheld unit direct users from up to 183 meters / 600 feet to within 2.5cm / 1" of the mislaid item. The pioneering technology that makes the WTK-II range unique allows each Handheld to track up to 24 miniaturized Tags.

With WTK-II you never need have the anxiety of losing anything again!

How does WTK-II work?

WTK-II uses a blend of exciting new technologies and traditional radio frequency (RF) technology. Tag and Handheld transmit and receive radio signals. The WTK-II Handheld picks up this signal translating it in to clear audio and visual prompts to guide you in the right direction or warn that an item has gone astray. Audio beeps are also emitted by the Tag to help you home in on the items specific location.

How many items can I protect with my WTK-II?

Up to 24 Tags can be monitored.

What range does WTK-II have?

WTK-II has a maximum range of 183 meters / 600 feet . This is based upon an outdoor application with clear line of sight. Obstacles such as walls, floors, cupboards and other people will reduce the maximum range proportionately. The Handheld guides you to within 2.5cm / 1" of your possessions.

Will WTK-II locate Tags through obstacles such as clothing or walls?

Yes, however the maximum 183 meters / 600 feet range will be reduced. Actual range will dependant on where and what WTK-II is used on.

Can WTK-II detect whether an item is upstairs or downstairs?

Yes, WTK-II is fully directional and will provide guidance left and right, and up and down.

Does WTK-II work abroad?

Yes, WTK-II works on the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band which is available worldwide.

How do I attach the Tags to the items I wish to protect?

Miniaturized Tags can be quickly and easily attached using a key ring loop or high strength adhesive strips, which are all supplied in the WTK-II pack.

Tags dimensions

How do I know which Tag the WTK-II has found?

When you register each new Tag you are able to personalize it so that its name ("Wallet" for example) always appears on the WTK-II Handheld. In Locate mode you simply select the item you are searching for.

Will Tags owned by other people affect my WTK-II Handheld?

No. Each Tag is uniquely registered to your Handheld during a simple set up process. It is then impossible for other Handhelds to track your Tags.

Pack contents:

  • 1 x WTK-II Handheld
  • 1x Mini Homing Tag
  • Key ring loop and adhesive strips
  • User guide
  • All batteries included

Key Features and Benefits:  

  • It finds tagged items up to an incredible 183 meters / 600 feet away
  • Audio and visual directional technology guides you to within 2.5cm / 1" of lost items
  • Miniaturized Tags can be quickly and easily attached to almost anything with the Key ring loop or adhesive strips
  • Homing Tags gives off audio beep and flashing LED to help locate
  • Up to 24 Tags / items can be registered per Handheld
  • Easy to use –- set up in seconds

wtk-II_buttons_it wtk-II_buttons_it


Size 11cm(high)X5.3cm(wide)X1.6cm(deep)
Weight including batteries approximately 70g
Loudness 90dB
Tags size 3cm(high)X2cm(wide)X0.9cm(deep)
Tags weight including batteries 5g
Batteries 2xAAA
Tags batteries 2xLR54 or equivalent
Number of Tags detection up to 24
Range up to 183 meters/600 feet away

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