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All in one IP CMOS 3.7mm micro camera A/V kit with wireless antenna and 4G WiFi device

Video streaming compact kit. Very useful when is not available an Internet connection or when you don't know the WiFi network password

The IP-STREAM kit, with its 3.7mm IP CMOS micro camera, wireless antenna and WiFi device, is a full video streaming kit useful for the A/V transmission, recording and playing back videos via web.

The efficiency of this audio-video kit resides in the use of 4G network signal and in its ease of being hidden in small objects without worrying about an Internet connection. Since both the transmission module and the WiFi module can safely communicate each other, also at a distance of 10-15 meters, the use of IP-STREAM is also recommended in those situations where you do not have much space available to hide it in specific places or objects*.

The 3.7mm CMOS lens of IP-STREAM can also provide very high qualitative video images, thanks to its 600TVL resolution. The activation of video recordings can be programmed manually, automatically and by motion detection. In the latter case the start of video recording is performed by the motion detection inside the image. The remote viewing can be also managed from your smartphone, thanks to a very intuitive and user friendly web application.

The IP-STREAM installation does not require any special technical skills. However the video streaming kit will be configured directly by our technicians ready to be used**. You have just to place it where you want and enjoy the show!

Why choose IP-STREAM for your audio and video recording from remote:

1.Very small camera easy to conceal

2.Can also be used where there is no internet connection or you do not know the WiFi network password

3.Mobile 4G LTE cat4 WiFi and download speeds up to 150Mbit/s

4.The transmitting module and the WiFi device can communicate each other even from a distance of 10-15 meters away

5.Advanced H.264 video compression tech

6.Allows different programming modes for recording, scheduling and motion detection

7.Works 24 hours a day 7 days a week when connected to the 220Vac mains, or for short time periods with external battery packs

8.Also supporting audio

9.Direct point-to-point connection

10.Supports up to more simultaneous users

Our support doesn’t end after the purchase. Our technicians will be at your disposal at all times for the resolution of any problems or explanations, recommending the installation and the use of the product.

Our after-sales consultancy provides the following services:

  • Direct consulting for the best solution of the problem
  • Assembly instructions and installation of the product
  • Service parts, programming and data entry


Video streaming module IP-STREAM


IP-STREAM Micro camera detail


Video streaming IP-STREAM kit with WiFi device


*On request we can install the device in any obiect or equipment of your choice. Call us to verify the project.

**For module settings would be necessary to send the SIM Card or to communicate your telephone operator company name

Image Sensor 600TVL CMOS
Video compression H.264
Lens 3.7mm
Min. Illumination 0.1 Lux
Frame rate 30fps NTSC, 25fps Pal
Audio compression G711
Microphone Extend otophon
Recording mode Motion detection, manual and scheduled
Data storage Record to local SD (up to 32GB) or smartphone
Backup Remote back up to PC
Motion detection VMD (video motion detection)
Wireless network Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Connection type 4G LTE cat4 and download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s
WiFi device antenna Internal
WiFi device battery consumption 1500mAh (maximum 6 hours working time and 300 hours stand-by time)
Mobile devices iPhone, Android
Remote access Yes
Camera name Supports camera labeling for distinguishing cameras
Password protection Yes
Operating system Linux OS
Dimension 40mm x 15 mm x 5mm
Operating temperature -10 ~ 50 °C (+14 ~ 122 °F)
Camera flat lenght 8.5 cm
Camera dimension 8mm x 8mm
Humidity 95% RH
Power 5 Vdc - USB standard

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