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Security & Surveillance Technology
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video surveillance systems



In recent years, crime has grown exponentially: thieves in homes, businesses and shops, armed robbery, violence. In addition to the psychological damages, you can have big material losses that these events involve.
The solution lies in the installation of video surveillance security systems that discourage the thieves. They know to don't have escape when being taken by powerful video systems.
These aren't simple cameras, but real integrated systems that allow you to control any place from all over the world via PC, smartphone and tablet.
For this reason, it's important don't adopt commercial systems, but install customized ones, based on places, needs and people.
Endoacustica is able to offer the customization of closed-circuit systems, both wired and wireless, burglar alarm systems, home automation systems and anti-theft ones for commercial places. 
Systems also offer the ability to save audio and video data in a completely autonomous manner that doesn't require manual operations of management or control, and allows you the recycling of the images in an automatic and programmable way.


video surveillance devices


In a company for months, two employees have stealthily introduced in warehouses, subtracting high-value goods. No sign of forced entry, no tampering, a clean job. The owner of the company was unable to justify in any way the continued absence of the goods even thinking to supernatural events. Finally, tired for the situation, he has installed a valid surveillance system. After about a week the villains are back in action and he has recognized them in real time, it was really terrible: two faithful employees from over twenty years. It's easy to understand that the only way to be truly safe in every day life, is to install professional surveillance systems. Endoacustica, leader company in security and surveillance fields, offers among its most effective services:
  •  Video surveillance in private homes, supermarkets, stores, shops, stations ... against thefts, robberies, vandalism.
  •  Systems of protection with silent alarm, alerting calls and communication with a connected monitoring center.
  •  Passive and active intrusion detection systems to protect any environment, both public and private, with the possibility of automatic management of the system and connection to a monitoring security centre with any type of analog and/or digital connection.
  •  Installation anti-theft systems with magnetoacoustic technology, not harmful for the human, for every type of shops, with supply of different types of tags, from adhesive labels to the blocks for glasses, form tags for garments of different sizes to steel laces for different applications.

Surveillance systems are the real agents of security!

surveillance camera


Are continuously increasing the home burglaries reported to law enforcement. According to the stats in 5 years, from 2006 to 2010, the number of burglaries had a drastic increase of 20%.
Unfortunately, the majority of home burglaries hasn't a guilty. The percentage of criminals caught after these episodes is less than 2% of the total. Alarming data that point the finger against the owners still reluctant to implant surveillance systems, unaware of the dangers not only in the material sense, but also, and above all, for their safety. In fact, the robberies in private homes that result in murders aren't uncommon.
An effective video surveillance system as well as provide an instant alarm in case of intrusion, helps the police to capture the thieves.

With the powerful video surveillance Endoacustica systems you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world via PC, smartphone or tablet, record and review the images.
In addition, the system can be customized in every detail, also allowing direct communication with a monitoring center for emergency or it can be implemented with modern home automation systems that allow you to centralize all daily actions that take place in the home .
With Endoacustica security systems you don't ever have to feel alone!

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