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Endoacustica delivers spy equipment & surveillance products, at your doorstep!! Endoacustica has in a short span become synonymous with the production and distribution of hi-tech, state-of-the-art spy equipment & surveillance systems, both for professional as well as amateur use.

Our impressive portfolio includes products from some of the most sought-after suppliers in the world of surveillance. At Endoacustica, our driving force is not just professional, it is this inherent penchant for hi-fi, electronic gadgetry and passion for making it more sophisticated and undetectable that forces us forward! This irresistible love for spying gadgets makes us the market leaders when it comes to the quality, versatility, reliability and sophistication of each and every gadget we produce and supply.

We are also in Milan and Rome!

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Our clients from across the world will vouch for our commitment in servicing their needs for security and surveillance that go much beyond mere selling of the devices. Our product and service categories are wider and more exclusive than any other service provider in this field.
We provide what you do not find from any other distributor, a physical office, constant pre/after sales service, expertise and professionalism.
Micro Digital Voice Recorder
Secure Data Removal System
Wall microphone stethoscope
Spy Cellular
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Nokia N90 Series

Our Products!
Our astounding range of spy equipment products includes: Spy phones, Telephone bugs Phone Bugging devices, Micro-transmitters, Wireless earphones, Invisible earphones, Micro-recorders, Digital micro-recorders, Micro-cameras, Aerial video surveillance systems, Remote-controlled helicopters, Telephone micro-transmitters, Micro bugs, Environmental and counter surveillance systems, Bug sweeping and interception defense….to name a few!

Our Mission
We believe in building and maintaining a valued customer relationship and giving preferential attention to our customers. Our mission is to be the leading surveillance security devices company in the world through superlative products and outstanding servicing.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see the company grow at a rapid pace and have a global presence as the market leader in security surveillance devices in the next 5 years.

Our Website
Our website has made it easy to get the latest and the most updated information on security devices and audio-video surveillance systems across the world and that too at the click of a mouse.

We offer an amazing range of spy equipments including:

Spy cell phones that can intercept telephone conversations or catch the environmental sounds, spy phones able to intercept incoming and outgoing sms, professional telephone audio transmitters, secret listening devices or rather bugs that are so small they can be hidden in jewellery, clothes, etc. miniaturized wireless earpieces, minute and invisible earpieces that can disappear entirely in the ear passage, micro recorders with wireless transmitters and digital microrecorders which have a large recording capacity, long-range directional microphones amplified and pre-amplified for a better understanding of what is said, professional voice changers essential for women who live alone, gsm jammers that inhibit the reception of the latest cell phones, encrypted phones which can protect your calls, radio-controlled helicopters for aerial video surveillance, digital micro bugs used exclusively by the police forces, hidden microcameras in the guise of a button or screw for hidden video recordings.

Furthermore, Endoacustica spystore offers a wide range of surveillance services for bug sweeping, aerial video surveillance and defence from interception.

On our web pages you will find exclusive products such as the world’s smallest micro bug, the telephone micro transmitter which transmits by gsm or the spy cell phone which even works without a battery (this spy cell phone is exclusively for the police forces).


  FALCON miniaturized bugs  
FALCON miniaturized bugs
An UMTS audio-video miniaturized bug, which allows a good quality real time audio-video transmission with no range limit.
  EAR-CAM microcamera  
EAR-CAM microcamera
is a micro camera wisely hidden in an earphone. An excellent device for under coverage and spying tasks...
for cell phones and transceivers. Receives signal by an inductive coil located at 30-40cm from the ear.
  CVX-II voice changer  
CVX-II voice changer
This professional device is a true and exceptional voice changer. The CVX-II, when interposed between handset and phone, will change you voice into another one.
  SV-CAM digital recorder  
SV-CAM digital recorder
is a shooting video system, suitable for professional use and extreme sports. Due to its ultra-strong and indestructible CCD camera, it is able to work in any conditions...
  KIT GSM-WATCH earpiece  
KIT GSM-WATCH earpiece
KITis a bluetooth Gsm wristwatch equipped with wireless micro earpiece, to communicate in two ways whether to discreetly receive or transmit information from unlimited distance...
  DVR SENSOR digital recorders  
DVR SENSOR digital recorders
is an out and out miniaturized surveilance system, really exceptional of its kind. Its digital is capable to perform several hours of audio-video recordings, interfaceable with an external screen or PC for settings and viewing.



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• We realize audio-video taking miniaturized systems with remote image transmission and video recording.

Remote control systems for observation devices.

• Miniaturized audio systems.

• GSM Eavesdropping device.

• Noise measurement of life and work environment.

Feedback and Suggestions
Your feedback is highly welcome, feel free to give us suggestions about specifics subjects that you would like to hear more about, or email us with your opinion on the site contents


The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.


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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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