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Covert Listening Devices

GSM Listening Bugs

GSM Listening BugsA GSM bug transmitter allows the user to listen to whatever is happening around the place where it is concealed, through a simple telephone call, The GSM room monitoring can be remotely controlled from any location or distance all around the world, bringing the listener and the person under surveillance at a close distance, even though they are thousands of miles apart; all this with a high audio quality by capturing, thanks to its high sensitivity microphone, every conversation or noise around it.
No specific receiving device is required, all you need is to make a phone call from any mobile handset. Our GSM bugs come in several shapes and sizes, and can be concealed within different objects of common use, such as home appliances, multiple electricity plugs, table lamps or inside any other object that might do the job. GSM bugs to be used in cars, when installed, do not produce any noise or vibration, making it impossible for your victim to find out that they are being spied upon.
Most of our GSM room monitoring bugs have settings that can be easily changed remotely by sending a simple text message: voice activation, microphone sensitivity level, anti-detection function, and so on… For example, the infrared GSM bug is equipped with a motion and vibration sensor, and can easily be connected to a landline phone.

APPLICATIONS: The unlimited monitoring distance feature makes GSM bugs suitable for being installed in cars, self-powered appliances, electricity plugs and in hidden corners.


Analog Radio Bugs

Analog Radio BugsA radio analog room monitoring bug, or simply a bug, is made up of a small spy microphone, connected to a miniature radio transmitter, which picks up any audio signals around it and transmits them towards a radio receiver, aptly placed at a distance which, according to the transmitter’s output power, can range within a few tens of meters up to some kilometers; receiver and transmitter must be tuned into the same frequency."bugs.htm" Our radio bugs can also be equipped with VOX circuitry, which allows for transmission only when there are noises or voice in the room under surveillance, thus allowing for a longer battery life, minimizing the risk of the bug being pinpointed by a bug detector.
Furthermore, bugs can feature a remote control unit, which allows activation and deactivation of the bug, in order to make it impossible to locate if the area is being swept by anti-interception devices.

APPLICATIONS: Its ease of use and reasonable cost make it suitable for being used at home or in the office. These small bugs can also be placed inside objects like a cellphone battery, a necklace pendant or hidden inside your clothes.


Digital Bugs

Digital Bugs A digital radio bug will transmit a digital radio signal, providing for absolute clarity of sound. Our digital radio bugs use an advanced technology that optimized the transmission quality and most of all, thanks to its encryption method, makes the transmission absolutely impossible to decipher for whoever tries to intercept the digital transmitter signal.
Only who uses a receiver with the proper decryption key can listen to the transmission. Quality digital bugs use spectrum inversion, that is, they cut the signal in millions of little pieces which are then transmitted in so called “bursts”.
At the other end of the transmission, the receiver puts these pieces back together, thus making them clear and understandable for the receiver.

APPLICATIONS: Our audio bugs, used by experts and professionals in the surveillance field, are recommended for governmental agencies or law enforcement.


UMTS Audio/Video Bugs

UMTS audio and video bugs Our UMTS room monitoring video bugs are suitable for all kind of needs, and are very easy to use. To use our surveillance systems, all you have to do is place the video bug in any point of the room you wish to keep under control, and it will go unnoticed thanks to its extraordinarily tiny size.
Our UMTS video bugs can be mounted inside a table lamp, a multiple plug or inside an electrical box to achieve the best thanks to a continuous power supply, thus not having to recharge their batteries. Video bugs can transmit their signal at an unlimited distance.
To get the best performance and a high video quality, all you need is an UMTS video phone or a laptop with any video playback software and UMTS key, and you can start right away to tape everything that happens in the room.

APPLICATIONS: The unlimited audio/video monitoring distance makes UMTS video bugs perfect for being installed inside car, vans or self-powered appliances.


Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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